October, 2008

    Arizona Propositions – 2008

    My votes will be as follows: Prop 100 – No Prop 101 – No Prop 102 – No Prop 105 – Yes Prop 200 – No Prop 201 – Yes Prop 202 – No Prop 300 – Yes Here is a link to the Propositions in case you do not have them already: Oh […]


    I love that word.  Every person I know can immediately picture an unnamed person and shake their head to the statement, ‘Fucking Douchebags’.  It really is a great descriptive word.  I am surprised there isn’t a ‘Friends don’t let friends date Douchebags’ movement somewhere in the realm of the ladies.  It just amazes me as […]

    The Intarweb Has Flavor

    Well, I decided to change the name of my blog, slightly.  I’ve added a version number!  Cause everything is better when you have a version number!  I mean, Web 2.0 makes it all better!  Hell, I hear of this new Web 2.5!  Vanilla just doesn’t tell you anything, but Vanilla 1.0, now there its a […]


    A long time ago, I gave myself a goal of making a million dollars by the time I was 35.  When you are twelve, this is a lot of money if you aren’t born with a silver spoon.  Well, the idea of that much money is a lot, think of it this way.  Let’s say, […]

    Above 10,000!

    A self-proclaimed milestone has been reached!  10,000 plays in Zune!  I don’t fancy myself as an achievement whore, but this is quite amazing. 34 days of music listening in less then a year.  That would be listening to a 5 minute song, 10,000 times.  Most music I listen to is well under 5 minutes, but […]

    Thank You WordPress!

    I figured I should take a moment to thank the people who wrote this software, it gets more and more diverse as I delve into it.  Talk about taking the idea of a personal blog to the next level! With that accomplished, maybe I’ll actually continue to use this thing? Guess we shall see!  Stay […]

    Zune 3.0

    Ok, now, I’ve been a supporter of the Microsoft Zune device since the introduction of the 30GB device, but I was not an early adopter and picked up my device as a pre-order when the 80GB released.  I did encourage a friend of mine to look into a Zune if they were considering getting a […]

    Fucking Politics

    Right so, this last and final debate has me raising an eyebrow.  I’ll state right out of the gate, that before starting this blog I support neither major candidate and might as well hire Spock, you know, logical decisions with some emotion involved?  Is that so bad?  Ok, he is fictitious and I do jest.  […]

    Linux – Desktop OS?

    I still feel that this operating system could be one of the greatest out there.  I could go on about stability, security and many other topics.  I’ll stick to community on this post. Though, predominantly a Windows user, I’ve found myself ‘tinkering’ with linux more then a few times.  Now don’t get me wrong here, […]

    Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta RC1

    Wow, the only person who had that mouth full last I can think, was Monica Lewinski.  Bitch.  Seriously, say the blog title out loud.  Anyway, the new Writer seems a little more streamlined and once again I’m actually liking it.  Easier to preview a post, most settings and it all makes sense, mostly.  I know, […]