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Well, I decided to change the name of my blog, slightly.  I’ve added a version number!  Cause everything is better when you have a version number!  I mean, Web 2.0 makes it all better!  Hell, I hear of this new Web 2.5!  Vanilla just doesn’t tell you anything, but Vanilla 1.0, now there its a release!

Only a slight hint of sarcasm there.  I did change this since it was my third attempt at running a blog.  Maybe this time I will not drop all on my db without a backup.  Oops?  N00b? Pwned?

Yes, yes, and yes.

There are worst fates though.  I know, it may be hard to believe but there are worse things then a drop all.  Hopefully I can disclose this worse case scenario in Blog 4.0.

I have taken a notice to my blog slowing down since installing WordPress, though I am not entirely sure what the cause is quite yet.  From what I can tell, it isn’t anything to do with themes I’ve installed.  Hoping to have that cleared up soon.

Not quite as witty as I was expecting, but effective.



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