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Ok, now, I’ve been a supporter of the Microsoft Zune device since the introduction of the 30GB device, but I was not an early adopter and picked up my device as a pre-order when the 80GB released.  I did encourage a friend of mine to look into a Zune if they were considering getting a portable media player.  Needless to say, they’ve been happy.  Though, 2.0 confused them.  That being said, in the 2.0 era of the device’s required software, initially made me way to tear my eyes out.  Bugs, bloated feature less crap.  I looked up Zune hacks and thought about converting the device to be a portable hard drive.  Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, but it was not that great either.  I mean really, I could see where it was trying to go and supported it, but it wasn’t all that I wanted.  At least I didn’t feel like I was subscribing to the iPod generation style and mentality with regards to thought and ‘upgrade’ now philosophy, but it still was not all it could be and I wasn’t sure it would considering how Microsoft can be in regards to software.  ‘Our way or the highway’ seems to be the usual, but after delving a little more into Zune and what its all about, I was very wrong.  Very very wrong.

With the launch of 3.0, almost everything that pissed me off about 2.0 was gone, and features were overloaded.  I could describe it to be similar to my first orgasm, but, honestly it wasn’t that great.  Don’t get me wrong, I still needed a towel, but not quite orgasmic.  Everything from correcting existing ID3 data via an easy search function to what is called ‘mixview’ where I can look up new music and other related content.  It also allows me to find other people into the same shit.  Pretty sick.  They manage to pack quite the Zune software’s features into something half the size of iTunes, which I’ve always fucking despised even within Mac OS X.  Bloated proprietary bullshit, Thanks Apple, you suck.  I suppose the same complaint can apply to Microsoft with Zune software, but they manage to do more with half the size.  Motion of the ocean?  Sure why not.

There is literally, one thing… ONE THING, left that is driving me absolutely fucking nuts about this device that the fucking iPod can do.  The Zune, for whatever reason, still does not allow you to play music off the device without syncing the music locally to the drive.  Epic fucking fail.  I can’t imagine its a hardware limitation, since it all appears to be USB 2.0 hardware.  I could be way off my rocker, since I’ve not broken the thing open to examine it, but for all intensive purposes its so close to a fucking deal breaker.  The idea is that I can sync my music to the device, and leave it there.  No need for a copy on my drive.  I’ve not collected an insane library of music over time or anything, I delete when I stop listening.  No need to keep shit I don’t listen to anymore.  I’ve sent an email over to the address advertised in the Zune Insider Podcast, and have not heard anything.  They are slammed, not even close to complaining about not hearing anything yet.  Just, waiting…lol

Please God, let me be allowed to play music from my Zune on a PC.  Please.

Uh oh, I said God again, time to go do something hedonistic.  Right, man, being a nerd can suck sometimes.


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