November, 2008

    365 Days Of Trash – Sustainable Dave

    365 Days Of Trash. Alright.  I just saw this guy on the home page of and decided to watch the video.  What is it with all the fucking alien news lately anyway?  I digress. Dave.  Dave, Dave, Dave. While I can appreciate a lot of what is said here in his blog, I have […]

    Barack Obama – Economic Team Video

    Well, here we go!  I guess it could always be worse.  Always.  Least we aren’t eating 5 month old beans out of a can that we had to shoot someone for.  Am I right? Peace.

    Today… I Am 31

    Woo-Fucking-Hoo. That reminds me of a conversation I had with a gal named Amanda at Octopi when I worked there.  While smoking outside, she mentioned about learning when it was ok to properly place words in the middle of other words and making it sound correct, just like the above. Anyway. Nothing like turning another […]

    Zune 3.1

    Ok, I think I just pooped myself. *checks underwear* Yep.  Slimey stinkies in the drawers.  Woot.  Initially, I was sheerly amazed that new games are coming out for the device, for free.  Cheesey games, Checkers, Sudoku and Space Battle.  Still, they are free.  I am ok with free.  Not only are they releasing games for […]

    A Fresh Look

    I am really liking the new layout now, though, Roam2Rome‘s layout with the keyboard, iPhone and a cup of coffee was probably my favorite so far.  Only problem was, I felt sort of dirty since I don’t own an iPhone, or a Mac.  Ok, so, I do own a Mac, but it is hardly ever […]

    Thank you Jerry Yang It is hard to believe it has been this long and to see, in my opinion, now two of the great people who helped make computing what it is today.  First, was Bill Gates.  Now Yang from Yahoo. Hard to think that these people step down.  I am sure there are others that I […]

    Devil’s Advocate

    A loose term that I use to explain why I say the things I do, most of the time.  I like to fuel thought, since so many people don’t do it enough.  I was talking about this a few days ago, and oddly enough, I found something interesting that I wanted to share. Enjoy. Awwww, […]

    Twitter For Your Blog

    A very common theme out there at the moment.  Getting Twitter to look correctly on your blog.  It would seem to me, that a web/time based application, should be relatively easy to port over to any blog to show updates directly there.  I’ve been spinning my wheels over this for awhile now.  Well, I am […]

    13 Best Old School Video Games

    Experimenting with the idea of blogging from Digg.  Kinda sweet.  Thanks to Kevin Rose, I can now use that site to essentially ‘transmit’ a blog from their page, directly to mine. I am sure this is nothing new to the mainstream I’m sorry, but some of the classics still manage to compete in my book […]