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365 Days Of Trash.

Alright.  I just saw this guy on the home page of CNN.com and decided to watch the video.  What is it with all the fucking alien news lately anyway?  I digress.

Dave.  Dave, Dave, Dave.

While I can appreciate a lot of what is said here in his blog, I have this distinct feeling that something else happened that caused this OCD behavior.  By something else, I mean, something outside of the economy and local politics.  I don’t get into the psychology of people much, but in this scenario, keeping a year of trash in your basement?

They used to commit people for less.

Ok, let me be clear here.  I think what he is doing, or trying to do, is GREAT!  Improve the environment, change the way we think about our day to day.  I get it, but in trying to push this responsibility over to the community rarely seems like ‘the way’ to fix the problem.  What ends up happening, is you focus in on a local(or internet) based peer group, like a bunch of geeks talking about a video game and never really reach out to the community.  Somehow, probably through someone saying, ‘Dude, this guy is keeping his trash in his basement for a year!’ which was met well with a media response: CNN.

So, his interview.  Dave’s words: “It’s usually one of the first questions asked. Right after, are you crazy?”  He made a joke.  The interviewer, seeing that Dave can obviously laugh at himself, responds with, “That was next.”  He looked like McCain with his response, constipated…

…like he didn’t want to be on TV to explain his point of view, or couldn’t take a joke when he had just made one.  Thank you Sarah Pailin remake.  The general public will look at him like an insane person, but I’m sure he adheres well in his click.  Like republicans did as well during the election… hence the analogy.

I will wish you luck Dave, I don’t see you making as big of an effect as you might think.  Though, I could be wrong as well.


Today… I Am 31


That reminds me of a conversation I had with a gal named Amanda at Octopi when I worked there.  While smoking outside, she mentioned about learning when it was ok to properly place words in the middle of other words and making it sound correct, just like the above.


Nothing like turning another year older.  You get to count up all the mishaps and coulda-wouldas throughout the year.  I really do hate my birthday.  Turning 30 was sorta fun, but I really don’t remember all of it.  I tried to drink 30 drinks in one night.  Amazing, its what really jump started the entire year.


Meaning, I failed to even do that.  I got to 24 I believe is what the sloppy count was.  The stipulation was that as long as I could still recite pi to the sixth decimal, I could continue drinking.  I’m sure by the 24th drink, it was a reflex.  At best this year, I’m going out with my girlfriend and having a nice low key dinner.  Already did the dinner with the parents, which its nice to see my dad is still with me.  It has been a pretty rough year overall thinking back, I guess I should be happy about how all the ‘speed bumps’ turned out, but its hard to stay positive about it.


Ok, ok.  I’ll get down off my soapbox.  It is just so damn easy and fun to just complain and bitch about everything in life though.  As I get older, one thing does seem to stay constant.


Well, no shit.  There is a theory out there that states its constant.  Not really sure about the backing as to why it is only a theory.  Most likely depends on some other theories to be true and are probably very hard to prove.  Ug, I need to take a course in event management or some shit.  Least my girlfriend is the bomb.


Zune 3.1

Ok, I think I just pooped myself.

*checks underwear*

Yep.  Slimey stinkies in the drawers.  Woot.  Initially, I was sheerly amazed that new games are coming out for the device, for free.  Cheesey games, Checkers, Sudoku and Space Battle.  Still, they are free.  I am ok with free.  Not only are they releasing games for this thing, who cares, right?  They now give you 10 free, DRM free songs PER MONTH!

Ok, so, let me get this straight.  You give me the ability to access/download most music for free usage on the monthly cost.  Pretty cool, but now, I can OWN 10 songs per month?

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom.

What’s that?  A lolcats reference?  Nope.  Me trying to chew on my shoulder and drooling a bit as well.  Wow, just wow.  I think I actually have to take a moment now.

*takes a moment*


Ok.  Thank you Microsoft for actually giving me another reason to not want to reach and slap you.

Oh, and thank you Dane for the black ops intelligence on that shit.  I’m gonna go clean my poo up now.


A Fresh Look

I am really liking the new layout now, though, Roam2Rome‘s layout with the keyboard, iPhone and a cup of coffee was probably my favorite so far.  Only problem was, I felt sort of dirty since I don’t own an iPhone, or a Mac.  Ok, so, I do own a Mac, but it is hardly ever used.  That isn’t to say I don’t like it, 1Ghz, 2GB ram, 60GB drive.  It is decent, but well, its a PowerBook G4 15″ aluminum.  It’s uses are more limited do to the age and chipset.  Though for its day, shit, even now it is still a decent laptop.  Though, I do feel bad, that thing is basically a giant internet machine.  Ok, technically, I should say ‘this’ thing since I am blogging from it now.  My girlfriend is using my current laptop.  I’ll post a pic at some point of that laptop.

Alright, alright.  I’m tired of hearing my girlfriend chew on her shoulder.  I’ve yet to mention her in my blog and it has been apparently bothering her.  To the point of, well, chewing on her shoulder.  It’s cute, but I have to get her to stop.  So, intarweb, any suggestions?

Nah, really though.  She gots me this great thing called InvisibleShield for my laptop and for my Zune 80GB for my birthday.  It’s coming up, but she got it early and therefore gave me the present early.  I can’t say it is too much of a surprise since I did ask for it.  But, damn, that is really sweet of her.  I think I asked for other things as well, but I don’t remember now.  Must be that old age coming, heh.  Right.

I’m still spinning some other projects around in my head and hopefully they will start coming to fruition in the near future.  Anyway, I should save face and stop now.  Word.


Thank you Jerry Yang


It is hard to believe it has been this long and to see, in my opinion, now two of the great people who helped make computing what it is today.  First, was Bill Gates.  Now Yang from Yahoo.

Hard to think that these people step down.  I am sure there are others that I have missed, but I still don’t recall a time when Yahoo.com or Microsoft.com have ever really come down for maintenance.  Granted, it could have been long enough ago that I don’t remember.

Well, I for one wish him well and hope he plans on continuing to contribute to the intarweb in some fashion.

Who’s next?  Steve Jobs?  Dun dun duuuuun.


Devil’s Advocate

A loose term that I use to explain why I say the things I do, most of the time.  I like to fuel thought, since so many people don’t do it enough.  I was talking about this a few days ago, and oddly enough, I found something interesting that I wanted to share.


Awwww, teddy bear hug time.  Haha, good explination about why we are the way we are, from a certain perspective.


Twitter For Your Blog

A very common theme out there at the moment.  Getting Twitter to look correctly on your blog.  It would seem to me, that a web/time based application, should be relatively easy to port over to any blog to show updates directly there.  I’ve been spinning my wheels over this for awhile now.  Well, I am happy to welcome my own retardation now.  It is very, very simple.  So simple, Midnight can do it!  Ok, not really.  Haha, but darn it I sure had ya on that one.  At this point, most people have now left my website thinking, ‘damn that fucker for posting something to his blog to get indexed.’  Deal with it.  I’m passing information on here, I can do so however I please.

Right then.

*coughs and clears throat*

Step 1:   Open your browser.

Step 2:   Head on over to http://twitter.com/badges

Step 3:   Follow the on screen instructions, of your blog is supported, you are Golden!

Ok, now if your blog isn’t supported.  Not to worry.  It gets easier.  They give you a simple output based on a range, 3 tweets, 5 tweets, however many updates you want to show.  Then you take that code and slap it into your site.  easy right?  Well, sort of.  I wanted to make something with my Twitter data that didn’t comprise of a widget that looked like it came from Web –2.0.  Yes, that is a negative there.  Don’t ask, it was a very messy intarweb at the time.  Also, if I could, I wanted to find someone how to tell me to do so, in WordPress.  An unsupported format by Twitter.

*shakes fist @twitter*

Right, so the hunt began.  And, of course like always, I found something online that was a pretty decent tutorial on how to do just that!  Go figure?  So, in not reinventing the wheel, installing some stupid plugin or something else that may require blood, glass, urine and toenail clippings.  Finally, I was able to get my frakin tweets onto my blog!  Well shit me running!  Shat me running? That doesn’t really work.

It does still need some work, as the right border cuts off – simple image edit, but other then that, it looks fucking GREAT!

Oh right, ‘just give me the link already’.’  Fine, fine.


Fuckin people, I swear <insert ellipsis here>.  He does include other ways to add Twitter to WordPress and actually overall appears to be onto the idea of how to help others in ‘blinging’ their site up.  Fuck, if I ever get a local pingback from me saying bling on here, outside of those two time, please shoot me?

Ok, time to tend to my tumors and lesions.


13 Best Old School Video Games

Experimenting with the idea of blogging from Digg.  Kinda sweet.  Thanks to Kevin Rose, I can now use that site to essentially ‘transmit’ a blog from their page, directly to mine. I am sure this is nothing new to the mainstream

I’m sorry, but some of the classics still manage to compete in my book with the ‘latest’ and greatest games that have hit the market. Look at Left 4 Dead for example. A typical release from Valve that will, in my opinion, kick lots and lots of ass, but on a scale, does it really rank to the appeal of first sitting down and playing Super Mario 3 for the first time at release? Some won’t ever know what that experience was when it happened, sorry iPod generation, I can relate since the release of the Walkman and all, but you really have no clue.

Great list, great explination.

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