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Experimenting with the idea of blogging from Digg.  Kinda sweet.  Thanks to Kevin Rose, I can now use that site to essentially ‘transmit’ a blog from their page, directly to mine. I am sure this is nothing new to the mainstream

I’m sorry, but some of the classics still manage to compete in my book with the ‘latest’ and greatest games that have hit the market. Look at Left 4 Dead for example. A typical release from Valve that will, in my opinion, kick lots and lots of ass, but on a scale, does it really rank to the appeal of first sitting down and playing Super Mario 3 for the first time at release? Some won’t ever know what that experience was when it happened, sorry iPod generation, I can relate since the release of the Walkman and all, but you really have no clue.

Great list, great explination.

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