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365 Days Of Trash.

Alright.  I just saw this guy on the home page of and decided to watch the video.  What is it with all the fucking alien news lately anyway?  I digress.

Dave.  Dave, Dave, Dave.

While I can appreciate a lot of what is said here in his blog, I have this distinct feeling that something else happened that caused this OCD behavior.  By something else, I mean, something outside of the economy and local politics.  I don’t get into the psychology of people much, but in this scenario, keeping a year of trash in your basement?

They used to commit people for less.

Ok, let me be clear here.  I think what he is doing, or trying to do, is GREAT!  Improve the environment, change the way we think about our day to day.  I get it, but in trying to push this responsibility over to the community rarely seems like ‘the way’ to fix the problem.  What ends up happening, is you focus in on a local(or internet) based peer group, like a bunch of geeks talking about a video game and never really reach out to the community.  Somehow, probably through someone saying, ‘Dude, this guy is keeping his trash in his basement for a year!’ which was met well with a media response: CNN.

So, his interview.  Dave’s words: “It’s usually one of the first questions asked. Right after, are you crazy?”  He made a joke.  The interviewer, seeing that Dave can obviously laugh at himself, responds with, “That was next.”  He looked like McCain with his response, constipated…

…like he didn’t want to be on TV to explain his point of view, or couldn’t take a joke when he had just made one.  Thank you Sarah Pailin remake.  The general public will look at him like an insane person, but I’m sure he adheres well in his click.  Like republicans did as well during the election… hence the analogy.

I will wish you luck Dave, I don’t see you making as big of an effect as you might think.  Though, I could be wrong as well.




Dave says:

Thanks for the write up. Constipated? I hadnt thought of that, but perhaps i did look that way. Actually what was happening was that they had put video of me up to watch instead of a lens and all of a sudden all i could concentrate on were how big my eye-teeth (the fangy ones) were. Not that i normally think they are, but for some reason i was fixated. Weird.

Anyhoo, no OCD here, I’ll actually be psyched when the year is over. As for what effect it will have, that will remain to be seen, but with so many problems out there, any psitive effect is worth it imho. i dont kid myself about this and have a pretty good sense of humour about the whole thing, so I hear ya and appreciate your praise for the project in spite of my possible constipation.

And what is with all that Alien stuff anyway?


InverseFlux says:

It is most definitely an interesting approach, I will give you that. I guess thinking a bit further into it, you would have to have a sense of humor to see this through. Since we are talking about hoarding trash for a year. Though, an interesting approach, I commend you for bringing earth worms in like the new age cat.

As for Hummer/Bummer guy? Fuck him for his comments, right on for his choice of lifestyle. Hell, at least he is passionate about something. So few are. I didn’t feel like posting anything on your site, as I don’t feel it necissary to post my ‘poo’ on others sites unless its in a positive manner or to ask a question. Something my mother taught me I believe.

I really need to get over this Freudian regression.

Anyway, I’m by far a tree-hugging hippie, no offense, but bashing someone for their choice of car really is for the birds. I think we all saw that type in high school. Bashing or making fun of someone for something they stand up for, well, no such thing as bad publicity. I wouldn’t sweat the constipation, I’d be hella nervous on national TV.

In my opinion, people choose a balance between can and want. You get a car within your means, or if you can, outside your means. Hoarding your trash for a year, well, if you have the space? Why use it to store more crap you don’t need?

Aliens, yeah, I don’t know. CNN has a tendancy to throw the random card in for a month and run with it. A co-worker tipped me on to that.

Thanks for stopping in, heh.

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