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That is correct.  All day, Tucson, Arizona.  Please for the love of God and all that is Holy, my anus is bleeding.  I’m not sure what The Rejected and Voting have in common, but I’m pretty sure that if everyone doesn’t get out there and pretend to care about America for a moment, then our anuses will be bleeding.

Too soon?

Seriously, go vote.  Matt Damon said not too.

Matt Daaaaamon.  Sorry, its been on the brain since I saw that clip.  Can you believe I still haven’t seen the movie?  How lame am I?

Anyway, if you spent the time reading all this, least you could do is go vote.  Seriously, you have all day to do.  I’m sure if you called in to work saying, “Hey – running a little bit late, I wanted to vote.” that they wouldn’t fire you.  If they did, least you know what Congress-person to call and complain about it too.



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