Fallout 3

Uh oh, creative juices are flowing again.  I am probably destroying small planets in outer solar systems in the universe every time I create a thought.

That was supposed to be a obscure reference to:


Anyway, I’ll turn the random off and talk about the fucking game already.  When initially hearing about this game, it did not really trigger anything in my mind to go get it.  I didn’t play the previous iterations of the series, so, apparently I suck.  I literally knew nothing about this game or the series prior to playing it.  Ok, that is a lie, over coffee or a beer or some shit, someone did mention that the game was some post nuke-calyptic world where you kill shit.  Oh and that there were references to things from other games and real life.  Ellipsis, Ellipsis, Ellipsis and?  Oh no, that is really it.  Ok, why would I want to play the game then?  Oh, it is an RPG as well.  Great!  Um, why would I want to play the game then?  So, that is the pretense going into Fallout 3.

With that being said, I now wish someone would have just slapped a copy into my hand, taped me to a chair and forced me to see the game.  Ok, maybe not.  I just got a mental picture of Casino Royale and the dude getting slapped in the testicles.  No bueno.

I’m really amazed at the design and layout of the game so far.  I do feel quite a bit of Oblivion in the game starting out, but, I guess it is to be expected.  There aren’t a whole lot of new ideas left anyway.

I’ll post screenshots as I take them and play the game more and I will try to find the older Fallout 1 and 2 games to see if they are any good.


Rogers on Kidman

calling shotgun:  the thing that fucks with my head, is that the username/pass dialog window kind of switches between monitors every time I type something in. appears left, type something in, appears right.  type something in.  appears left.
inverseflux: phones for you
inverseflux: its the wambulance
calling shotgun: Dude, my computer is trying to sneak past me
calling shotgun: It’s like “I’m over here.  No, I’m over here!”  It’s playing offense.
calling shotgun: DO YOU KNOW HOW WEIRD THAT IS
inverseflux: is it as weird as mr rogers banging nicole kidman ? pickles and ice cream… bleh
calling shotgun: Almost.
calling shotgun: But not quite.
calling shotgun: There’s something really, really weird about that image.
inverseflux: lol
calling shotgun: “Won’t you be my… ungh, ungh… neighbor?  Say it!  SAY IT BITCH!”  “I’m your neighbor!  I’m your neighbor!”
inverseflux: lmao
inverseflux: sweet

We The People

Typically I come onto my blog, as a cynic, to laugh at the world and stack it all together as if it were lego blocks and make pew pew noises.  Tonight, I take that chip away and speak from very deeply within my soul.

This is yet another day in history, much like 9/11/01, that the world can look back upon and say, ‘That’s where we as humans, finally broke the boundaries and proved to the world that all people are truly created equal.”  We have now shown the world that no matter what the problem is that ails the planet, even ones that we cause.

Tonight we have finally put our money where our mouths are in being Americans.  We have set the pace of the world for a long time now, as it fails out now in an economic crisis.  Socially, we have now proven that what our founding fathers sought out to do, has now come to complete and full fruition.  I ask the question, 10 years ago, did you ever believe we would ever hire a half-black, half-white President?  I’ll answer it boldly to anyone who reads this.  Frankly, I didn’t give a rats ass.

There are a lot of things that divide the world.  Access to food and medical.  The ability to provide a safe environment for their friends and family.  Yes, even a division of race and beliefs. 

So, where does this now put us?  Right at the tip of a spear that will change the world.  I’m sure that once these moments of glory are over, our country will be safe as well as the generations of those ahead of us, regardless of who wins this presidential election, and who you voted for.

Flock 2.0


Ok, so, I might have been gravely mistaken about this browser when I initially checked this out.  But like a good dog, I went back to check it out again. I think I just shat myself….

One sec.  BRB.

Oops, wrong IM.

Shit, how did that end up on this blog if.  Nevermind. 

So, in my search for a cross-platform client I ran into this browser again.  Since this whole Web 4.0 push, er 3.0 was it?

Fuck I forget.

Since, the new intarweb I’ve been wanting to find something I can easily access just about everything.  My current config has allowed me to use Digsby and Chrome/Firefox to pretty much do anything I wanted, then use Windows Live Writer to post anything I want to the intarweb.  Pretty simple right?

Wrong fluxers!  Gravely mistaken.  Well, ok, not entirely.  I’m still really liking Windows Live Writer, but Flock does offer me a halfway decent client to connect and post to the site as well as manage pretty much everything else all from a single portal that is local.  It appears to be based on Mozilla backend, so, it can’t be all bad.

Something worth mentioning and worth checking out.  Enjoy.

Flux out.

Flock 2.0 Adobe Flash Plugin on Ubuntu

I ran into an issue getting Flash working with Flock browser.  Being a tinkerer, I found out that you can just copy the link for flash from /usr/lib/firefox/plugins and paste it into the plugins folder of Flock(/home/user/Documents/flock/plugins in my case).

So, hopefully this helps in the adoption of using Flock/Flash.  Quite a quick fix as well.



Since a lot of traffic seems to come looking for flash fixes for ubuntu, I figure I should expand on this entry some.  The file you are looking for is typically called libflashplayer.so and it isn’t always in the above location.  It can also be found in /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/ as well.

Another option you have, if you used apt-get to install the adobe-flashplugin package, you will find this same libflashplayer.so file in /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin and can copy this file over to flock/plugins/ directory as well.

 Further questions/help feel free to reply here or email me, oz@inverseflux.com.


Go VOTE!!!!!

That is correct.  All day, Tucson, Arizona.  Please for the love of God and all that is Holy, my anus is bleeding.  I’m not sure what The Rejected and Voting have in common, but I’m pretty sure that if everyone doesn’t get out there and pretend to care about America for a moment, then our anuses will be bleeding.

Too soon?

Seriously, go vote.  Matt Damon said not too.

Matt Daaaaamon.  Sorry, its been on the brain since I saw that clip.  Can you believe I still haven’t seen the movie?  How lame am I?

Anyway, if you spent the time reading all this, least you could do is go vote.  Seriously, you have all day to do.  I’m sure if you called in to work saying, “Hey – running a little bit late, I wanted to vote.” that they wouldn’t fire you.  If they did, least you know what Congress-person to call and complain about it too.