November, 2008

    Fallout 3

    Uh oh, creative juices are flowing again.  I am probably destroying small planets in outer solar systems in the universe every time I create a thought. That was supposed to be a obscure reference to: Anyway, I’ll turn the random off and talk about the fucking game already.  When initially hearing about this game, it […]

    Rogers on Kidman

    calling shotgun:  the thing that fucks with my head, is that the username/pass dialog window kind of switches between monitors every time I type something in. appears left, type something in, appears right.  type something in.  appears left. inverseflux: phones for you inverseflux: its the wambulance calling shotgun: Dude, my computer is trying to sneak […]

    We The People

    Typically I come onto my blog, as a cynic, to laugh at the world and stack it all together as if it were lego blocks and make pew pew noises.  Tonight, I take that chip away and speak from very deeply within my soul. This is yet another day in history, much like 9/11/01, that […]

    Flock 2.0

    wtfomgFlock Ok, so, I might have been gravely mistaken about this browser when I initially checked this out.  But like a good dog, I went back to check it out again. I think I just shat myself…. One sec.  BRB. Oops, wrong IM. Shit, how did that end up on this blog if.  Nevermind.  So, […]

    Flock 2.0 Adobe Flash Plugin on Ubuntu

    I ran into an issue getting Flash working with Flock browser.  Being a tinkerer, I found out that you can just copy the link for flash from /usr/lib/firefox/plugins and paste it into the plugins folder of Flock(/home/user/Documents/flock/plugins in my case). So, hopefully this helps in the adoption of using Flock/Flash.  Quite a quick fix as […]

    Go VOTE!!!!!

    That is correct.  All day, Tucson, Arizona.  Please for the love of God and all that is Holy, my anus is bleeding.  I’m not sure what The Rejected and Voting have in common, but I’m pretty sure that if everyone doesn’t get out there and pretend to care about America for a moment, then our […]