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calling shotgun:  the thing that fucks with my head, is that the username/pass dialog window kind of switches between monitors every time I type something in. appears left, type something in, appears right.  type something in.  appears left.
inverseflux: phones for you
inverseflux: its the wambulance
calling shotgun: Dude, my computer is trying to sneak past me
calling shotgun: It’s like “I’m over here.  No, I’m over here!”  It’s playing offense.
calling shotgun: DO YOU KNOW HOW WEIRD THAT IS
inverseflux: is it as weird as mr rogers banging nicole kidman ? pickles and ice cream… bleh
calling shotgun: Almost.
calling shotgun: But not quite.
calling shotgun: There’s something really, really weird about that image.
inverseflux: lol
calling shotgun: “Won’t you be my… ungh, ungh… neighbor?  Say it!  SAY IT BITCH!”  “I’m your neighbor!  I’m your neighbor!”
inverseflux: lmao
inverseflux: sweet


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