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Typically I come onto my blog, as a cynic, to laugh at the world and stack it all together as if it were lego blocks and make pew pew noises.  Tonight, I take that chip away and speak from very deeply within my soul.

This is yet another day in history, much like 9/11/01, that the world can look back upon and say, ‘That’s where we as humans, finally broke the boundaries and proved to the world that all people are truly created equal.”  We have now shown the world that no matter what the problem is that ails the planet, even ones that we cause.

Tonight we have finally put our money where our mouths are in being Americans.  We have set the pace of the world for a long time now, as it fails out now in an economic crisis.  Socially, we have now proven that what our founding fathers sought out to do, has now come to complete and full fruition.  I ask the question, 10 years ago, did you ever believe we would ever hire a half-black, half-white President?  I’ll answer it boldly to anyone who reads this.  Frankly, I didn’t give a rats ass.

There are a lot of things that divide the world.  Access to food and medical.  The ability to provide a safe environment for their friends and family.  Yes, even a division of race and beliefs. 

So, where does this now put us?  Right at the tip of a spear that will change the world.  I’m sure that once these moments of glory are over, our country will be safe as well as the generations of those ahead of us, regardless of who wins this presidential election, and who you voted for.


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