December, 2008

    Zune and Peripherals

    Alright. I know, peripherals is a big word.  Thank you Websters. I’d given up on my crusade against being able to play songs on my device while it is plugged into my machine.  I store my music there for a reason, so I can listen to it.  I don’t want to sync it to the […]

    Is Digg Sexist? Edit: What the fuck?  Really? Well, I guess I’ll break it down a bit here. As a minority on the internet, not just in collaborative efforts, women are going to find a relatively geek dominated area and the things that are discussed follow suit until everything begins to level out in gender.  There […]

    Digg Hoodie Holy crap!  My girlfriend had been bugging me about what I wanted for Christmas.  Repeatedly the answer was, a digg hoodie.  This did not please her.  She’s like a hoodie?  Yes, a hoodie.  I know, its lame, I’m asking for clothing, but its what I want! So last night, after a long days work, […]

    WordPress 2.7

    WordPress 2.7 Alrighty.  Well, it does appear as if the new revision of WordPress has released.  Might have been awhile ago, but I’ve been neglecting this site for awhile now.  So, without further ado! Initial look and feel of the new Dashboard is pretty damn sexy.  I mean, not as sexy as my girlfriend or […]

    The Note – ABC News – Czars and Orphans

    The Note. Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t believe people are actually still considering NOT giving the auto-makers the cash.  We did this with Chrysler and made it back, with interest within three years.  It really seems like a no brainer.  Give them the cash.  No oversight.  Done. We are weighing in the balance […]

    Firefox About:Config

    Holy shit sticks intarweb! That is supposed to be a play on ‘Holy rusted metal Batman!’ … I know, I suck at humor. Keep reading and enjoy. So!  Firefox.  I’ve grown to really enjoy this browser over time, but there are more and more things about it that increase this as time goes on.  Seems […]