Zune and Peripherals

Alright. I know, peripherals is a big word.  Thank you Websters.

I’d given up on my crusade against being able to play songs on my device while it is plugged into my machine.  I store my music there for a reason, so I can listen to it.  I don’t want to sync it to the machine I happen to be on at the time.  Do I mind installing the Zune software on every machine I sit at?


I love the Zune software!  It is well beyond that iTunes in its third iteration of it, and half the fucking size!  Why would I care about installing it?

Right, ok.

@gusadelic, my roommate, had purchased the V1 A/V Zune Dock for cheap, and the remote wasn’t working.  So I started looking things up about the Zune 80GB and whether there was incompatibility with the V1 Dock.  It isn’t, but in my adventure across the intarweb, I ran across something that sent me over the fucking top.

In random comment thread off of a blog, they were looking at the sync cable used to power the device on the V1 Dock as being an issue.  Someone asked if they had an xbox, and whether it worked when they plugged it into this?


Wait a moment, that’s pretty fucking sweet.  I can sync music from my Zune/Zune Pass and play it?  Why not just do that?  I do have space issues on the xbox, but shit, syncing music to device to play? Fucking sweet.

Being a geek, I tested this.  What I found made me want to go ooooOwah-ah-ah(Stupify) on the planet.

What happened to Earth? Flux killed it.

He’s good at that. Yeah, fucking bastard.

YOU CAN PLAY SONGS DIRECTLY OFF OF THE DEVICE ON YOUR XBOX!!!  I know, I know.  Dude, you could have said that at the top of the blog.  Fuck you, I am pissed.  Here I thought it was a licensing thing, etc, etc, etc.  I’d made a hundred and one excuses for this.  You make the console, the device and the OS. MAKE THIS WORK IN WINDOWS ZUNE TEAM!!!  This has been something from Day 1 that you can do with an iPod and extremely frustrating that songs are not allowed to play directly off of the device, on the machine.  So, so, so fucking broken.  Also, the purchased video does not appear to play at all via the device to TV from the xbox either.

Bull – fucking – shit.

This is definitely a problem for me, obviously, but I do not see the point to have all my music stored in three places.  Why do I have it in three places?  Simple.  I have my main library, a backup and everything on the Zune.  I wouldn’t have to keep a main library if I could just play the damn music right off the device.  Anyway, this is bullshit.


Is Digg Sexist?



Edit: http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/saabira-chaudhuri/itinerant-mind/sexist-stupid-and-downright-offensive-digg-community-responds-

What the fuck?  Really?

Well, I guess I’ll break it down a bit here.

As a minority on the internet, not just in collaborative efforts, women are going to find a relatively geek dominated area and the things that are discussed follow suit until everything begins to level out in gender.  There are a great many things said in jest, and speaking for myself included, most of the shit I say on here is not how I generally feel, but do find humorous.

It’s like entering the room, with a bunch of guys sitting around watching football talking about cheerleaders.

Now, obviously some are going to be more sensitive then others in approach to humor.  I can almost guarantee that most people don’t actually believe what they are saying, though will argue against it because they can comfortably from their chair with relatively no repercussions – other then some other jackass, threatening to kick their ass or the like.  That alone, makes me laugh.

One thing I keep in mind, is not everyone likes the same comedians.  Huh?  Just like things on the internet, some people find one funny and another not.  Take a look at Sarah Silverman.  She can often say just as unusual or offensive shit as any guy would about anyone, but some might not necessarily find her amusing.

It’s a personal preference!

Now specifically with a social news website, which I am also a huge fan of, this site is a collaborative effort to bring the real and bizarre alike to the world through a voting process.  Welcome to the heart of what social networking is, the best and worst of humanity in one giant collaborative effort to evolve nothing.  I’d like to use an analogy, like buying a vowel(oh no, I made a reference to a woman!), but these sites are like giant evolving episodes of Seinfeld.  What’s it all about?  Nothing really.  Will some people find it offensive?  Sure, everyone has an opinion.  I mean, they are like assholes – they all stink.


Oh, shit.  Flux is off the deep end again.  Would I speak to my mother in this manner?  Sure!  Would she get that this is a joke? Absolutely!  Here’s a scenario:

Mom: The dishwashers broken.

Me: Did you slap her?

Mom<action>: pumps a round(making a horrible click-click noise that makes me smile) into her ‘air shotgun’ and shoots at the sky

And we both laugh.  Now, to the heart of that, was it sexist?  Fuck yeah it was!  Did I help her find out what was wrong?  You bet!  Quite wholesome? Yes.

*reminiscent sigh*

Right, so.  Point.

My point in all of this is, it REALLY depends on the context of what you are looking at, but you can pretty much find supporting evidence for both sides of any fence on any topic thanks to this wonderful internet.  Is Digg sexist?  Go fuck yourself.  Is that sexist?  No, it promoting masturbation and perversion.  Really though, inherently speaking Digg itself is not sexist.  Are some of the people on it possibly sexist?  Absolutely!  Did you get offended by some of them? Apparently, yes.

Holy crap, I think that struck a nerve or something, better stop before I rupture something.


And yet another image I think is funny(thanks Antoan!)



Digg Hoodie


Holy crap!  My girlfriend had been bugging me about what I wanted for Christmas.  Repeatedly the answer was, a digg hoodie.  This did not please her.  She’s like a hoodie?  Yes, a hoodie.  I know, its lame, I’m asking for clothing, but its what I want!

So last night, after a long days work, I get home to see a package on the table.  Thinking it might just be my roommates, I pretty much ignore it.  Well, on my way outside into the freezing cold to smoke a cigarrette, without, my jacket mind you, I looked down at a package and it was addressed to me.  My initial thoughts, oh ok, kinda awesome right?  So, I open it, realize about halfway through…

“Oh snap! It’s my fucking hoodie!”

I flipped out.  Not quite as bad as Nintendo 64 kid, but definitely very very happy.  So, I sport it on my smoke break.  I almost immediately think to myself….

“Holy fucking shit, this is actually a really high quality hoodie!”

I know, I sound like a fan boy at this point and maybe I am, but regardless the truth remains.  They were not fucking around when they released their shop.  If you haven’t had a chance, go check it out.  The quality of the products, well I can speak for the hoodie, is definitely top notch.


WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7

Alrighty.  Well, it does appear as if the new revision of WordPress has released.  Might have been awhile ago, but I’ve been neglecting this site for awhile now.  So, without further ado!

Initial look and feel of the new Dashboard is pretty damn sexy.  I mean, not as sexy as my girlfriend or some of the FHM or Maxim girls, but definitely intarweb sexy.  I am already liking the feel of it.  Layout is clean, dynamic and easy.

As I’ve stated many times, these are pretty much key factors when looking at what I use that are a must have.  Granted, I work in IT, but that doesn’t mean I want to use that knowledge when attempting to post simple text, images and video to the internet.  This update makes that process cleaner and smoother.  On mouse-over, approve/unapprove comment selection right from the main page, awesome.  Yes.  Yes, I think this will do just fine.

Overall, the software has really become… what’s that descriptive word I’m looking for?  Polished.  Definitely more polished then other revisions.  I did take a look at what was being asked of the users in a poll to see where this was all headed and I can happily say, without participating, well done!

Anyway, I’m off like a prom dress on prom night.


The Note – ABC News – Czars and Orphans

The Note.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I can’t believe people are actually still considering NOT giving the auto-makers the cash.  We did this with Chrysler and made it back, with interest within three years.  It really seems like a no brainer.  Give them the cash.  No oversight.  Done.

We are weighing in the balance millions of jobs across the country.  Mechanics, sales, assembly – parts dealers, you know, those leather seats everyone enjoys so much?  We’re already seeing jobs fly out the window as time goes on.  You think injecting a few million people into the job market is going to help the economy?  Regardless as to whether the cars they make are GREEN and wonderful, they still need to exist for us to function as a country.  Now I’d say if from here, giving the money up, they do not function correctly or do not move forward in a decent manner, THEN we can talk about oversight and such.

I don’t have the time to listen to this bullshit about flying on private jets and returning in hybrids.  You are wasting peoples time in this in trying to grand stand and make a moot point to something the public already gets and further mistrusting the auto industry.  This lame-duck charade that is going on with people in power is ridiculous.

Anyway, resolution?  Give them the money!  Quickly!


Firefox About:Config

Holy shit sticks intarweb!

That is supposed to be a play on ‘Holy rusted metal Batman!’

I know, I suck at humor. Keep reading and enjoy.

So!  Firefox.  I’ve grown to really enjoy this browser over time, but there are more and more things about it that increase this as time goes on.  Seems to be a generally quicker browser then most, loads pages correctly, and now I can customize the backend without even thinking of it.

I’ve done some of my own, but rather then try and explain it, I’ll include this post I’ve found that gives a pretty good breakdown on what can be changed:


Also, here is another set of them that seemed decent.  Few over-laps, but still another good list:


Ok!  Fine.  Go fuck yourself, here is a full and complete list you anal-retentive, power hungry, good for nothing, intarweb whores!


So, yes, I’d include Internet Explorer here as well, but it violates the EULA?  Nah, I’m just not to big a fan on registry hacks anymore.  If its a ‘feature’ then I like to be able to access that by making a change from within the program.  Hats off to Mozilla for making that possible.  Plus, keeping IE intact is a great way to have a fallback browser to flame me about how you jacked your shit up.


Really though, I did find the browser.http request changes to speed site loading significantly on some sites and recommend that people at least check that part of it out.  I’ve not seen if this is multi-platform, but I have no reason to believe they would remove this from the browser in another OS.

That’s all for now.