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Holy crap!  My girlfriend had been bugging me about what I wanted for Christmas.  Repeatedly the answer was, a digg hoodie.  This did not please her.  She’s like a hoodie?  Yes, a hoodie.  I know, its lame, I’m asking for clothing, but its what I want!

So last night, after a long days work, I get home to see a package on the table.  Thinking it might just be my roommates, I pretty much ignore it.  Well, on my way outside into the freezing cold to smoke a cigarrette, without, my jacket mind you, I looked down at a package and it was addressed to me.  My initial thoughts, oh ok, kinda awesome right?  So, I open it, realize about halfway through…

“Oh snap! It’s my fucking hoodie!”

I flipped out.  Not quite as bad as Nintendo 64 kid, but definitely very very happy.  So, I sport it on my smoke break.  I almost immediately think to myself….

“Holy fucking shit, this is actually a really high quality hoodie!”

I know, I sound like a fan boy at this point and maybe I am, but regardless the truth remains.  They were not fucking around when they released their shop.  If you haven’t had a chance, go check it out.  The quality of the products, well I can speak for the hoodie, is definitely top notch.



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