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Holy shit sticks intarweb!

That is supposed to be a play on ‘Holy rusted metal Batman!’

I know, I suck at humor. Keep reading and enjoy.

So!  Firefox.  I’ve grown to really enjoy this browser over time, but there are more and more things about it that increase this as time goes on.  Seems to be a generally quicker browser then most, loads pages correctly, and now I can customize the backend without even thinking of it.

I’ve done some of my own, but rather then try and explain it, I’ll include this post I’ve found that gives a pretty good breakdown on what can be changed:

Also, here is another set of them that seemed decent.  Few over-laps, but still another good list:

Ok!  Fine.  Go fuck yourself, here is a full and complete list you anal-retentive, power hungry, good for nothing, intarweb whores!

So, yes, I’d include Internet Explorer here as well, but it violates the EULA?  Nah, I’m just not to big a fan on registry hacks anymore.  If its a ‘feature’ then I like to be able to access that by making a change from within the program.  Hats off to Mozilla for making that possible.  Plus, keeping IE intact is a great way to have a fallback browser to flame me about how you jacked your shit up.


Really though, I did find the browser.http request changes to speed site loading significantly on some sites and recommend that people at least check that part of it out.  I’ve not seen if this is multi-platform, but I have no reason to believe they would remove this from the browser in another OS.

That’s all for now.



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