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What the fuck?  Really?

Well, I guess I’ll break it down a bit here.

As a minority on the internet, not just in collaborative efforts, women are going to find a relatively geek dominated area and the things that are discussed follow suit until everything begins to level out in gender.  There are a great many things said in jest, and speaking for myself included, most of the shit I say on here is not how I generally feel, but do find humorous.

It’s like entering the room, with a bunch of guys sitting around watching football talking about cheerleaders.

Now, obviously some are going to be more sensitive then others in approach to humor.  I can almost guarantee that most people don’t actually believe what they are saying, though will argue against it because they can comfortably from their chair with relatively no repercussions – other then some other jackass, threatening to kick their ass or the like.  That alone, makes me laugh.

One thing I keep in mind, is not everyone likes the same comedians.  Huh?  Just like things on the internet, some people find one funny and another not.  Take a look at Sarah Silverman.  She can often say just as unusual or offensive shit as any guy would about anyone, but some might not necessarily find her amusing.

It’s a personal preference!

Now specifically with a social news website, which I am also a huge fan of, this site is a collaborative effort to bring the real and bizarre alike to the world through a voting process.  Welcome to the heart of what social networking is, the best and worst of humanity in one giant collaborative effort to evolve nothing.  I’d like to use an analogy, like buying a vowel(oh no, I made a reference to a woman!), but these sites are like giant evolving episodes of Seinfeld.  What’s it all about?  Nothing really.  Will some people find it offensive?  Sure, everyone has an opinion.  I mean, they are like assholes – they all stink.


Oh, shit.  Flux is off the deep end again.  Would I speak to my mother in this manner?  Sure!  Would she get that this is a joke? Absolutely!  Here’s a scenario:

Mom: The dishwashers broken.

Me: Did you slap her?

Mom<action>: pumps a round(making a horrible click-click noise that makes me smile) into her ‘air shotgun’ and shoots at the sky

And we both laugh.  Now, to the heart of that, was it sexist?  Fuck yeah it was!  Did I help her find out what was wrong?  You bet!  Quite wholesome? Yes.

*reminiscent sigh*

Right, so.  Point.

My point in all of this is, it REALLY depends on the context of what you are looking at, but you can pretty much find supporting evidence for both sides of any fence on any topic thanks to this wonderful internet.  Is Digg sexist?  Go fuck yourself.  Is that sexist?  No, it promoting masturbation and perversion.  Really though, inherently speaking Digg itself is not sexist.  Are some of the people on it possibly sexist?  Absolutely!  Did you get offended by some of them? Apparently, yes.

Holy crap, I think that struck a nerve or something, better stop before I rupture something.


And yet another image I think is funny(thanks Antoan!)




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