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The Note.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I can’t believe people are actually still considering NOT giving the auto-makers the cash.  We did this with Chrysler and made it back, with interest within three years.  It really seems like a no brainer.  Give them the cash.  No oversight.  Done.

We are weighing in the balance millions of jobs across the country.  Mechanics, sales, assembly – parts dealers, you know, those leather seats everyone enjoys so much?  We’re already seeing jobs fly out the window as time goes on.  You think injecting a few million people into the job market is going to help the economy?  Regardless as to whether the cars they make are GREEN and wonderful, they still need to exist for us to function as a country.  Now I’d say if from here, giving the money up, they do not function correctly or do not move forward in a decent manner, THEN we can talk about oversight and such.

I don’t have the time to listen to this bullshit about flying on private jets and returning in hybrids.  You are wasting peoples time in this in trying to grand stand and make a moot point to something the public already gets and further mistrusting the auto industry.  This lame-duck charade that is going on with people in power is ridiculous.

Anyway, resolution?  Give them the money!  Quickly!



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