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WordPress 2.7

Alrighty.  Well, it does appear as if the new revision of WordPress has released.  Might have been awhile ago, but I’ve been neglecting this site for awhile now.  So, without further ado!

Initial look and feel of the new Dashboard is pretty damn sexy.  I mean, not as sexy as my girlfriend or some of the FHM or Maxim girls, but definitely intarweb sexy.  I am already liking the feel of it.  Layout is clean, dynamic and easy.

As I’ve stated many times, these are pretty much key factors when looking at what I use that are a must have.  Granted, I work in IT, but that doesn’t mean I want to use that knowledge when attempting to post simple text, images and video to the internet.  This update makes that process cleaner and smoother.  On mouse-over, approve/unapprove comment selection right from the main page, awesome.  Yes.  Yes, I think this will do just fine.

Overall, the software has really become… what’s that descriptive word I’m looking for?  Polished.  Definitely more polished then other revisions.  I did take a look at what was being asked of the users in a poll to see where this was all headed and I can happily say, without participating, well done!

Anyway, I’m off like a prom dress on prom night.



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