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I’d reference the O face guy from Office Space when it comes to this launch, but I am not quite that douchey.  So, Windows 7 RC released to the technet subscribers today.  Well, the ones who dish them money anyway.  Beats trying to phish through bad torrents for the REAL SLIM SHADY!  Woohoo!  So, it has taken me the greater then the part of the day to download both flavors of the OS.  Meaning, x64 and x86.  I guess this 10/100 connection to the internet just isn’t cutting it anymore!

Well, in 32 minutes, I will have x64. And will be installing it.  God help us all… Alright well, this is me, signing off of Win7 Beta and I will update you all from Windows 7 RC with first impressions, including installation and performance.  Ooooooo Left 4 Dead…. I smell zombies.

UPDATE(5/6/09): Alright, well it has taken me much longer then expected to get this blog updated with results on my upgrades to the new Windows 7 RC.  Literally, so far, the only problem I’ve run into is NOT being able to upgrade from the Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC.  It seems like most of the slight graphical glitches and other random ass shit that was broken in beta, now appears to be fixed in Windows 7.  I’m still seeing hand over fist improvements to frame rates in survival mode, though, there is an odd issue with Left 4 Dead, where Windows appears to be creating a separate thread to do audio, but keeps setting the volume REALLY low.  How the fuck am I suppose to hear zombies heads explode with it that low?  I have not looked further into fixing this, a slight annoyance in my humble opinion.  So, any on lookers that are thinking of upgrading their Dell Studio XPS 13 or Dell Latitude D820 to Windows 7 RC can rest assured, it will work wonderfully.  Sorry Linux, I was about ready to run you as my main OS again, looks like you’ve been taken over by my need for entertainment once again.


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