Damn You PopCap!!!

Dudes and Dudettes.  I am sure you all have run into a game we all know and despise called Bejewelled.  Well, rest assured, more crack has been delivered to you by our wonderful friends at PopCap.  They just don’t know when to quit.  Rather, they know how to make you not want to quit.  I swear they must have some crazy ass designers that walk the streets talking to crackheads to adjust their algorithm accordingly.  This ensures that all of us stay addicted to their games probably until the end of time.

I’ll say that the title is misleading, since it doesn’t sound like something that works.  I mean, really, plants vs zombies?  How the fuck?  Even a venus flytrap is going to get its ass kicked by the brainsuckers.  But nope, add a slight dose of PopCap… and voila, you have an addicting, well thought out game that will last you for hours on end.

Oh right, the link to the game.  Or, if you prefer to use Steam, go here.  If you are truely unsure about this game, Steam does offer you a timed Demo as well.  Don’t worry, you’ll only be on the brink of getting fired from your job because of this game.  It is truely, Made Of Awesome.

Good luck.  See you on the rooftops.


Windows 7 RC and Netflix

So, I love Netflix.  It’s been the long answer we all have been waiting for to get away from the evil Blockbuster empire. It does kill of local movie retal places, but oh well, sometimes times change and new is actually better.  Anyway, so, onto the point.  Windows 7 RC and Media Player 12.  One big thing I love to use Netflix with is their view it now or watch instantly section of their site.  Quick movie right then and there.  I discovered tonight that you cannot do so innately from within Windows 7.  I found a bunch of crap that told me to install firefox, run ietabs, etc etc etc.  No reason to at all.  Just simply tell netflix you want to use silverlight to view movies from the link below and all is well.


Once enabled, you should have no issues watching movies instantly!  I thought I might as well blog this, since I do really enjoy the new Windows 7.  Hope this helps you all do the same!