August, 2009

    Safety First!

    It is that time again, where I post another image that cracks me up and yes, of course, involves breasts… Enjoy! Peace.


    Yes, sometimes you actually have to feel to know! Love it. Peace.


    I will conquer the world with these pomegranates! If that doesn’t motivate, I do not know what will. Peace.

    Direct Email To Cell

    I don’t know how many times I have gone hunting for this information, but it has definitely been enough to make me want to rip my eyeballs out… So, I will blog it!  That is what a blog is for, to share information!  So here you go!  This is a break down per provider(taken from […]


    Thank God!!! Well, after my carefully placed blog of its death, they have now reconcidered to shut down their awesome URL slimmer. I’d like to think it was because of my blog, oh yeah, you know it! Welcome back!!! Peace.


    Holey rusted metal Batman!  Can we get some death with a side of death to go?  Apparently!  From John Hughes to, the past week has been slightly emo. The one URL trimmer I liked using with twidroid is dead and the dude who made movies for everyone to relate to are both gone.  I […]

    Windows 7 RTM and Family Pack! and Kevin Rose had a big complaint about Windows on Diggnation awhile back, about how many selections there are with Windows and how Apple basically gives everyone everything, then you can opt to not install more.  I agree with this quite a bit, over the years, the Windows OS has become more and […]