February, 2010

    AntiVirus 2010 – MALWARE

    So, I’ve been hearing more and more buzz about this malware floating around on the internet like a piece of shit that won’t flush called AntiVirus 2010. I often recommend, even for tech geeks, to run some sort of AV to avoid worm related items, etc though the last few years I think that message […]

    The Sky Is Pretty

    So often, we don’t look up to the sky and just stare at its beauty…. …it might be because this isn’t what we see everyday! Peace.

    A Simple Donation

    Hey all – I don’t recommend these things often, but as of late I’ve been more and more in support of helping each other to get where we all want to be. That being said, a friend of mine is running in a marathon for LLS(Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) and asking for donations. Give him […]

    IIS 7 Logging

    This morning I found a nice little command line switch that tells the IIS 7 log buffer to write to the file on disk.  This is especially handy, since getting a log to write for SEO and log processing purposes can be a serious bitch if you don’t have a file written to! Here is […]