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Well, it has been awhile since I’ve actually blogged anything. So, here we go!

For a the past few days I’ve combating an issue upon upgrading to VMWare vSphere 5.0 – more specifically the Web Client (Server) install. After various upgrade issues, a ton of problems showed up which led to a fresh install. Post install, everything actually was working fine… except one thing: VMWare vSphere Profile-driven Storage Service, under Administration -> vCenter Server Status would show error cannot reach http://localhost/sps/health.xml with everything else green.

Check the logs on the vCenter server, vws.log shows:

Server returned HTTP response code 503 for URL: http://localhost/sps/health.xml

Restarts of entire server, services, etc were not fixing this. Started looking at config files to make changes… then it dawned on me. 503, it’s busy – meaning that port is in use, which it is and WORKING for the other services. So, rather then restarting ALL the services all at once… I restart JUST the “vSphere Web Client” and the error went away.

This tells me, that the vSphere Web Client service was trying to load at an odd time/before the web server was up.





Andrei says:

Thank you for your post! it helped me a lot. I’ve searched over the internet for hours but your post solved my red flag ! Cheers!

InverseFlux says:

Awesome, glad to help! It was definitely a pain to figure out, there is another thing that can assist fixing this, but I believe requires editing one of the .properties files.

Kieran says:


I should have realised when installing the web server broke my monitoring that it was related.


M says:

I know this article is 2 years old. This worked perfectly.
My VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service would start and stop.
So I restarted the vSphere Web Client service and the started the profile service and all is well.

Yolo says:

Thanks for the post! 3 years old bust still useful!

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