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NVIDIA Driver Install

Been awhile since I’ve updated the blog, figured it was time. Why not just go with a simple tutorial on driver installation?

I run into a problem quite often, where every couple of NVIDIA driver releases, games run like garbage and I’m left with applications and games crashing. I’ve managed to repeatedly solve this by doing the following:

1. Download current version of DDU from

2. Download MSI drivers fromĀ

3. Reboot into Safe Mode.

4. Run DDU.

5. Install MSI driver, do Custom and check clean install.

6. Launch GeForce Experience, download latest driver version.

Currently, I game on a MSI GE63VR 7RF laptop. If you’re reading this and not on an MSI laptop, those steps can be skipped. It’s simple, but typically will fix most issues. If you still see the same issues as before, most likely NVIDIA released another “garbage” driver. To get around this, head to NVIDIA’s website and install the previous version (version of driver the game last ran well).

Hope this helps!


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