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Few years ago, I’d noticed Adblock browser extension really wasn’t doing what it said it was anymore. This triggered into looking for other solutions. I’d found uBlock Origin which works great, if you have a traditional browser being used. Meaning, on an actual computer.

Now, there in lies the problem. Mobility. Most people are using their phones / tablets to view content on the web. I’m usually home when this is true, which sent me right back to using my own home network to block advertisements. I know people would like to be paid for the content they produce and I’ll admit, some of it definitely deservedly so. But some of these ads are just simply ridiculous.

Since I’d moved some of my home networking gear away from “gamer” style routers, I found myself either needing to run a local server (ie. Pi-hole) and having my router use it for DNS… or, the better solution I feel, put it right on the router.

This is where I discovered UBNT Blacklist. This is obviously for specific Ubiquiti devices. Pretty easy step by step setup. Requires you to somewhat know what you’re doing, but it definitely does the job. Install steps are on that page.

Now, while on home WiFi, all connected devices can enjoy less from the advertisement world.


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