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    NVIDIA Driver Install

    Been awhile since I’ve updated the blog, figured it was time. Why not just go with a simple tutorial on driver installation? I run into a problem quite often, where every couple of NVIDIA driver releases, games run like garbage and I’m left with applications and games crashing. I’ve managed to repeatedly solve this by […]

    Overall Web Adblock

    I figured while I’m here updating this thing, might as well make a post of something I’ve been making use of. The scope of a recent home project was to block overall ads, mobile and otherwise, without too much or no additional hardware while home. Ran through many iterations of trying this, from local host […]

    No Man’s Sky – Resources And Base Value

    Big fan of this game and while this is documented elsewhere I wanted to have just the core values of what can be mined without the fluff from other sites. Carbon (Common) Base value: 6.9 Thamium9 (Uncommon) Base value: 20.6 Plutonium (Rare) Base value: 41.3 Iron (Common) Base value: 13.8 Zinc (Uncommon) Base value: 41.3 […]

    Microsoft Edge – How to Block Ads

    I posted this on Reddit, but I figured it deserved an entry to the blog as well. Here it is: I wanted to say Adblock here, but since it isn’t a specific way to get adblock on the browser yet. I am here to offer an additional solution that I’m finding to be suitable for […]

    Ads In Skype

    Hey all. While I am not an active user of Skype, one thing that has always somewhat bothered me about it’s recent use is advertisements in the application itself. While ads in general don’t really bother me, but when it impacts an experience or you hate ads and you just simply want them gone – here is a […]

    Yep. These wallpapers are awesome!

    Phone Wallpapers – Imgur

    I’m rather enjoying this list of phone background. Purely posting this here for science and later use.

    Click Fix

    Why yes, yes of course 317 clicks fix the problem. If not, click 317 more. Peace.

    Taste The

    So THAT’S what skittles are made from! Peace.

    The Choice

    It’s yours! Peace.