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    Fucking Politics

    Right so, this last and final debate has me raising an eyebrow.  I’ll state right out of the gate, that before starting this blog I support neither major candidate and might as well hire Spock, you know, logical decisions with some emotion involved?  Is that so bad?  Ok, he is fictitious and I do jest.  […]

    Linux – Desktop OS?

    I still feel that this operating system could be one of the greatest out there.  I could go on about stability, security and many other topics.  I’ll stick to community on this post. Though, predominantly a Windows user, I’ve found myself ‘tinkering’ with linux more then a few times.  Now don’t get me wrong here, […]

    Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta RC1

    Wow, the only person who had that mouth full last I can think, was Monica Lewinski.  Bitch.  Seriously, say the blog title out loud.  Anyway, the new Writer seems a little more streamlined and once again I’m actually liking it.  Easier to preview a post, most settings and it all makes sense, mostly.  I know, […]

    Concurrent RDP Sessions Mainly want to archive the above, good schtuff!

    Ah, Windows Live Writer

    Nothing like being able to post a blog from the remote comfort of my machine without the need to even open a web browser.  Though, WYSIWIG’s have come a long way, it is certainly no replacement for typing something up locally.  Windows Live Writer really isn’t something that is new, I still wanted to take […]

    Greek Hackers?

    Check it out Hard to say who it was really. Mention of a few groups and some griping, but I really liked the post given by the ‘grayhat’. Nice, well, at least the so called ‘GST’ patched the server for

    The iPhone is Evil!! I knew it!!

    Thank iPhone for being Evil…. I’m still glad I don’t own iAnything. Hate to break it to everyone, but if everyone has it, it still doesn’t say anything about who you are.

    Thank You!

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank the designer, Martha for making one hell of a WordPress template.  I saw this, and it actually drew me back to WordPress again. So, Martha…. THANKS!!! Oh, and one more thing.  Welcome to my BlogRoll  🙂

    And the results are in!

    It could possibly get more classic then this.  Very, very amusing that someone would go through and word count speeches.  Check this post out from the NYT…. …and yes, it was done.  Completely hilarious.  Well, at least they aren’t going after a 17 yr old girl… like SHE didn’t have enough to deal with as […]

    Google Chrome

    There has been some buzz about the new browser released by Google, Chrome.  We’ve seen a lot in the browser community in regards to updates and actions to make the experience bigger, better and faster from the 2 majors companies, Microsoft and Mozilla.  This is even true with the introduction of Apple’s Safari to the […]