Booby Fridays


‘Cause really, nothing says “Gangsta” like 3.5″ Floppy Disks Peace.


I guess it really DOES depend on how you look at things! Peace.

Beach Food

Yes, I’d like to have an order of….. HOLY JESUS! You can’t… wait, ok, I can’t communicate with you doing that. Peace.

EPIC Boob-Time!

Oh… Oh wow… that… so, so jealous (thanks Ray for the submission!) (patience is a virtue) Peace.

Horned Rimmed Glasses

Nothing like cold nerd girls! Peace.


I love bikinis and this one is excellent! Peace.

Squeeze Them

So true! With that, I’m off to Colorado! Peace.


Yes, if you’re ever startled again by something I’ll “check the girls” as well! Peace.


Yep, I’m smiling too! Peace.


Anytime I can say something and mean more then one thing, it brings me joy… so do boobies! Quick! Grab them~!!! Peace.