No Man’s Sky – Resources And Base Value

Big fan of this game and while this is documented elsewhere I wanted to have just the core values of what can be mined without the fluff from other sites.

Carbon (Common)
Base value: 6.9

Thamium9 (Uncommon)
Base value: 20.6

Plutonium (Rare)
Base value: 41.3

Iron (Common)
Base value: 13.8

Zinc (Uncommon)
Base value: 41.3

Titanium (Rare)
Base value: 61.9

Heridium (Common)
Base value: 27.5

Platinum (Uncommon)
Base value: 55

Chrysonite (Rare)
Base value: 82.5

Copper (Uncommon)
Base value: 110

Iridium (Uncommon)
Base value: 96.3

Nickel (Uncommon)
Base value: 137.5

Aluminum (Rare)
Base value: 165

Gold (Rare)
Base value: 220

Emeril (Rare)
Base value: 275

Calium (Very Rare)
Base value: 288.8

Radnox (Very Rare)
Base value: 302.5

Murrine (Very Rare)
Base value: 302.5

Omegon (Very Rare)
Base value: 309.4

Windows 7 RTM and Family Pack!


Kevin Rose had a big complaint about Windows on Diggnation awhile back, about how many selections there are with Windows and how Apple basically gives everyone everything, then you can opt to not install more.  I agree with this quite a bit, over the years, the Windows OS has become more and more complicated for seemingly no reason at all.  This doesn’t mean I am an Apple fanboy by any stretch, in fact, I despise them much like Sony in their similar practices.  Anyway, since it is Microsoft, they feel very little need to include an explanation for this and not sure I really blame them.

I am not really THAT excited about this, since it is already my main OS across the board(sorry Ubuntu!) with the RC but, still is nice since the rest of the world – primarily the non-platform video game industry, can now officially support this with games!  Though, I’ve not really seen a game not run on it well.

We’ll see how true that holds in the RTM.


Damn You PopCap!!!

Dudes and Dudettes.  I am sure you all have run into a game we all know and despise called Bejewelled.  Well, rest assured, more crack has been delivered to you by our wonderful friends at PopCap.  They just don’t know when to quit.  Rather, they know how to make you not want to quit.  I swear they must have some crazy ass designers that walk the streets talking to crackheads to adjust their algorithm accordingly.  This ensures that all of us stay addicted to their games probably until the end of time.

I’ll say that the title is misleading, since it doesn’t sound like something that works.  I mean, really, plants vs zombies?  How the fuck?  Even a venus flytrap is going to get its ass kicked by the brainsuckers.  But nope, add a slight dose of PopCap… and voila, you have an addicting, well thought out game that will last you for hours on end.

Oh right, the link to the game.  Or, if you prefer to use Steam, go here.  If you are truely unsure about this game, Steam does offer you a timed Demo as well.  Don’t worry, you’ll only be on the brink of getting fired from your job because of this game.  It is truely, Made Of Awesome.

Good luck.  See you on the rooftops.


OMG! EVE Online!

Well, it has been some time since I have blogged anything and also since I’ve played me some EVE Online.  Most make the joke of, “Oh! That Excel game with a GUI!”  It is pretty bad, but I do not know if it is that bad.  They’ve expanded much since the days of just needing an Excel spreadsheet to calculate mining yields and seemingly done pretty well in the latest expansion.  What ever could that be Flux?  Well, this time… THARRR BE WORMHOLES!  No really, wormholes.  Anomolies in space that could take you to a random point in known or unknown space.  Found my first!  Pic or it didn’t happen!

Bam bitches…


…what?  Would Flux ever lie. Fuck you. K162 ftw! Ooooh don’t get all emo, you’ll find one someday.  Actually, this one wasn’t very exciting or hard to find.  Using it caused me to travel 10 jumps in a single instant.  I could see how finding one and using it to escape might be interesting.  I like the fact that there are a lot more things to be found by scanning, makes for a much more interesting event.  And as Forest Gump said, ya nevah know what you’re gonna geyat.  There is a lot more going on in that game then there was before and worth getting back into it if you are a previous player or new.  New player?  They just revamped the NPE as it is called.  New Player Experience for those who hate acronyms, o/

Also, picked up a nice Dell Studio XPS 13.  It’s pretty much pimp on silicon.  Backlit keys(haha, fuck you Apple!), independant video and leather would be the key features.  Did I mention DDR3 RAM?  No I did not.  Also, the 13.3″ screen is pretty key in my book, since I do not like hauling around 15-17″ laptops.  Anyway, check it out if you want to know more.  Very excited about this purchase.  I know what you’re thinking.  “What the fuck is an HP fanboy buying a Dell for anyway?”  Well, the day HP comes out with a backlit key laptop, is the day I dump off this one and buy it!  Ok, maybe not, depends on how rich I get in the next few months(not very likely).

Lets see, what else is new.  Ah snap!  Almost forgot! Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night.  This Diggnation meets Prime Time event was pretty fun. Complete with beer getting poured on Kevin’s brand new laptop.  I’d say he handled it pretty well.  Me?  I probably would have downed the beer and smashed the glass over his head… ok, I’m a nerd, there is no way the glass would break.  Also, they started something called the Bryan Brinkman Expermient, in attempt to get someone more twitter follows then Barack Obama.  I doubt it will work, but damn, talk about instant fame for Bryan!  So, follow him up, see if Barack can be taken down!

I guess that is all I have time for.  Remember, leave poo eating to the two girls.


13 Best Old School Video Games

Experimenting with the idea of blogging from Digg.  Kinda sweet.  Thanks to Kevin Rose, I can now use that site to essentially ‘transmit’ a blog from their page, directly to mine. I am sure this is nothing new to the mainstream

I’m sorry, but some of the classics still manage to compete in my book with the ‘latest’ and greatest games that have hit the market. Look at Left 4 Dead for example. A typical release from Valve that will, in my opinion, kick lots and lots of ass, but on a scale, does it really rank to the appeal of first sitting down and playing Super Mario 3 for the first time at release? Some won’t ever know what that experience was when it happened, sorry iPod generation, I can relate since the release of the Walkman and all, but you really have no clue.

Great list, great explination.

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Fallout 3

Uh oh, creative juices are flowing again.  I am probably destroying small planets in outer solar systems in the universe every time I create a thought.

That was supposed to be a obscure reference to:


Anyway, I’ll turn the random off and talk about the fucking game already.  When initially hearing about this game, it did not really trigger anything in my mind to go get it.  I didn’t play the previous iterations of the series, so, apparently I suck.  I literally knew nothing about this game or the series prior to playing it.  Ok, that is a lie, over coffee or a beer or some shit, someone did mention that the game was some post nuke-calyptic world where you kill shit.  Oh and that there were references to things from other games and real life.  Ellipsis, Ellipsis, Ellipsis and?  Oh no, that is really it.  Ok, why would I want to play the game then?  Oh, it is an RPG as well.  Great!  Um, why would I want to play the game then?  So, that is the pretense going into Fallout 3.

With that being said, I now wish someone would have just slapped a copy into my hand, taped me to a chair and forced me to see the game.  Ok, maybe not.  I just got a mental picture of Casino Royale and the dude getting slapped in the testicles.  No bueno.

I’m really amazed at the design and layout of the game so far.  I do feel quite a bit of Oblivion in the game starting out, but, I guess it is to be expected.  There aren’t a whole lot of new ideas left anyway.

I’ll post screenshots as I take them and play the game more and I will try to find the older Fallout 1 and 2 games to see if they are any good.



Now typically I find this guy pretty funny, and once again, yes I do.  Though I am a huge advocate of the game EVE-Online, I of course realize, that I am also in a minority.  In my defense, if you want to complain about my need to play a space based MMO such as EVE, blame EA for shutting down Earth and Beyond in regards to my love for Excel.  Though, there are some new games coming out that I am hoping inject some more interest into that genre for me:

Of course, I am a nerd and nerds are often a great target for propoganda and frankly, very easy to make fun of just on nature alone.  Anyway, figured I would share it here.