Fallout 3

Uh oh, creative juices are flowing again.  I am probably destroying small planets in outer solar systems in the universe every time I create a thought.

That was supposed to be a obscure reference to:


Anyway, I’ll turn the random off and talk about the fucking game already.  When initially hearing about this game, it did not really trigger anything in my mind to go get it.  I didn’t play the previous iterations of the series, so, apparently I suck.  I literally knew nothing about this game or the series prior to playing it.  Ok, that is a lie, over coffee or a beer or some shit, someone did mention that the game was some post nuke-calyptic world where you kill shit.  Oh and that there were references to things from other games and real life.  Ellipsis, Ellipsis, Ellipsis and?  Oh no, that is really it.  Ok, why would I want to play the game then?  Oh, it is an RPG as well.  Great!  Um, why would I want to play the game then?  So, that is the pretense going into Fallout 3.

With that being said, I now wish someone would have just slapped a copy into my hand, taped me to a chair and forced me to see the game.  Ok, maybe not.  I just got a mental picture of Casino Royale and the dude getting slapped in the testicles.  No bueno.

I’m really amazed at the design and layout of the game so far.  I do feel quite a bit of Oblivion in the game starting out, but, I guess it is to be expected.  There aren’t a whole lot of new ideas left anyway.

I’ll post screenshots as I take them and play the game more and I will try to find the older Fallout 1 and 2 games to see if they are any good.




Now typically I find this guy pretty funny, and once again, yes I do.  Though I am a huge advocate of the game EVE-Online, I of course realize, that I am also in a minority.  In my defense, if you want to complain about my need to play a space based MMO such as EVE, blame EA for shutting down Earth and Beyond in regards to my love for Excel.  Though, there are some new games coming out that I am hoping inject some more interest into that genre for me:

Of course, I am a nerd and nerds are often a great target for propoganda and frankly, very easy to make fun of just on nature alone.  Anyway, figured I would share it here.