Microsoft Edge – How to Block Ads

I posted this on Reddit, but I figured it deserved an entry to the blog as well. Here it is: I wanted to say Adblock here, but since it isn’t a specific way to get adblock on the browser yet. I am here to offer an additional solution that I’m finding to be suitable for […]

Ads In Skype

Hey all. While I am not an active user of Skype, one thing that has always somewhat bothered me about it’s recent use is advertisements in the application itself. While ads in general don’t really bother me, but when it impacts an experience or you hate ads and you just simply want them gone – here is a […]

Yep. These wallpapers are awesome!

Phone Wallpapers – Imgur

I’m rather enjoying this list of phone background. Purely posting this here for science and later use.

Taste The

So THAT’S what skittles are made from! Peace.

The Choice

It’s yours! Peace.


I did have to check if they were blue. Peace.

No Really

It’s true! Peace.

Nice Gun

No really, it is. Peace.

I Lack This

Focus… that is. Peace.