Barack Obama – Economic Team Video

Well, here we go!  I guess it could always be worse.  Always.  Least we aren’t eating 5 month old beans out of a can that we had to shoot someone for.  Am I right? Peace.

Devil’s Advocate

A loose term that I use to explain why I say the things I do, most of the time.  I like to fuel thought, since so many people don’t do it enough.  I was talking about this a few days ago, and oddly enough, I found something interesting that I wanted to share. Enjoy. Awwww, […]


Heh, thanks Antoan for sending this over.

We The People

Typically I come onto my blog, as a cynic, to laugh at the world and stack it all together as if it were lego blocks and make pew pew noises.  Tonight, I take that chip away and speak from very deeply within my soul. This is yet another day in history, much like 9/11/01, that […]

Go VOTE!!!!!

That is correct.  All day, Tucson, Arizona.  Please for the love of God and all that is Holy, my anus is bleeding.  I’m not sure what The Rejected and Voting have in common, but I’m pretty sure that if everyone doesn’t get out there and pretend to care about America for a moment, then our […]

Arizona Propositions – 2008

My votes will be as follows: Prop 100 – No Prop 101 – No Prop 102 – No Prop 105 – Yes Prop 200 – No Prop 201 – Yes Prop 202 – No Prop 300 – Yes Here is a link to the Propositions in case you do not have them already: Oh […]


I love that word.  Every person I know can immediately picture an unnamed person and shake their head to the statement, ‘Fucking Douchebags’.  It really is a great descriptive word.  I am surprised there isn’t a ‘Friends don’t let friends date Douchebags’ movement somewhere in the realm of the ladies.  It just amazes me as […]

Fucking Politics

Right so, this last and final debate has me raising an eyebrow.  I’ll state right out of the gate, that before starting this blog I support neither major candidate and might as well hire Spock, you know, logical decisions with some emotion involved?  Is that so bad?  Ok, he is fictitious and I do jest.  […]

Ah, Windows Live Writer

Nothing like being able to post a blog from the remote comfort of my machine without the need to even open a web browser.  Though, WYSIWIG’s have come a long way, it is certainly no replacement for typing something up locally.  Windows Live Writer really isn’t something that is new, I still wanted to take […]

And the results are in!

It could possibly get more classic then this.  Very, very amusing that someone would go through and word count speeches.  Check this post out from the NYT…. …and yes, it was done.  Completely hilarious.  Well, at least they aren’t going after a 17 yr old girl… like SHE didn’t have enough to deal with as […]