Devil’s Advocate

A loose term that I use to explain why I say the things I do, most of the time.  I like to fuel thought, since so many people don’t do it enough.  I was talking about this a few days ago, and oddly enough, I found something interesting that I wanted to share.


Awwww, teddy bear hug time.  Haha, good explination about why we are the way we are, from a certain perspective.


We The People

Typically I come onto my blog, as a cynic, to laugh at the world and stack it all together as if it were lego blocks and make pew pew noises.  Tonight, I take that chip away and speak from very deeply within my soul.

This is yet another day in history, much like 9/11/01, that the world can look back upon and say, ‘That’s where we as humans, finally broke the boundaries and proved to the world that all people are truly created equal.”  We have now shown the world that no matter what the problem is that ails the planet, even ones that we cause.

Tonight we have finally put our money where our mouths are in being Americans.  We have set the pace of the world for a long time now, as it fails out now in an economic crisis.  Socially, we have now proven that what our founding fathers sought out to do, has now come to complete and full fruition.  I ask the question, 10 years ago, did you ever believe we would ever hire a half-black, half-white President?  I’ll answer it boldly to anyone who reads this.  Frankly, I didn’t give a rats ass.

There are a lot of things that divide the world.  Access to food and medical.  The ability to provide a safe environment for their friends and family.  Yes, even a division of race and beliefs. 

So, where does this now put us?  Right at the tip of a spear that will change the world.  I’m sure that once these moments of glory are over, our country will be safe as well as the generations of those ahead of us, regardless of who wins this presidential election, and who you voted for.

Go VOTE!!!!!

That is correct.  All day, Tucson, Arizona.  Please for the love of God and all that is Holy, my anus is bleeding.  I’m not sure what The Rejected and Voting have in common, but I’m pretty sure that if everyone doesn’t get out there and pretend to care about America for a moment, then our anuses will be bleeding.

Too soon?

Seriously, go vote.  Matt Damon said not too.

Matt Daaaaamon.  Sorry, its been on the brain since I saw that clip.  Can you believe I still haven’t seen the movie?  How lame am I?

Anyway, if you spent the time reading all this, least you could do is go vote.  Seriously, you have all day to do.  I’m sure if you called in to work saying, “Hey – running a little bit late, I wanted to vote.” that they wouldn’t fire you.  If they did, least you know what Congress-person to call and complain about it too.


Arizona Propositions – 2008

My votes will be as follows:

Prop 100 – No

Prop 101 – No

Prop 102 – No

Prop 105 – Yes

Prop 200 – No

Prop 201 – Yes

Prop 202 – No

Prop 300 – Yes

Here is a link to the Propositions in case you do not have them already:

Oh no… I’ve made a decision about something.  Are we sure the LHC didn’t create a black hole?  heh, and remember, Friends, don’t let friends vote.

Thanks Matt Damon.  You’re the best.



I love that word.  Every person I know can immediately picture an unnamed person and shake their head to the statement, ‘Fucking Douchebags’.  It really is a great descriptive word.  I am surprised there isn’t a ‘Friends don’t let friends date Douchebags’ movement somewhere in the realm of the ladies.  It just amazes me as to the lack of wit and style these guys have and yet somehow, they almost always have a girl with them.  How does that happen?  Do they emit some sort of IDF?  That’s Intelligence Disruption Field in case you were wondering.  Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know what it meant, I just made it up.

Really though, uh oh, Flux is gonna go off about politics again.  I find it amazing as to how many liberals there are on the internet.  It is this huge insurgence as of late.  It must be election time or something since you don’t hear from half of these people on a regular basis.  Look, I’m not saying hire a guy with a cancerous tumor in his mouth backed by a nimrod lady who now has a porn made after her.  I’m not saying I dance around in a rainbow parade either, but come on people.  We are talking about the state of the country here.  Remember, we are at war?  Hello?  ‘Of course I do.  Look at Colin Powel, he backs Obama!’  Are you fucking kidding me?  He allowed himself to be manipulated in a way that the whole world should have had him hung.  He knew full well what was happening around him.  “Oh My God, did he just say that??”  No, I wrote it, but its true.  For the same reasons that everyone hates Bush, that guy was right behind him as well.  The only reason I bring this up is people seem to have this notion that Obama’s shit doesn’t stink.  It does, just like everyone else.  And Powel backing him really doesn’t make it stink any less. Now McCain.  What the fuck?  Dude, you are not fucking Ronald Reagan.  I’m not your friend, I’ve never even met you and I live in your state!  I respect your career and the fact you’ve seen some serious shit over time.  You actually kind of amaze me in that you are still ticking.  Well done.  Really though?  That’s about all you got going for you man.  I’m guessing you thought bringing Pailin on as VP was pretty much a shoe in.  You know, women VP against a black P?  Come on dude, really?  Most people are only interested in what you have to say because they want to see your running mate naked!  Seriously!  Why else would you make a porn about her WHILE you are campaigning??  I think that might be a record, of course, they may have done something similar with Clinton, I don’t care to remember.  I thought typically these aren’t made until AFTER the election.  Ok ok, either way, the pron industry is well known for this.  A really good idea for a porn, and I doubt I’m the first person to think this…. would be Obama nailing Pailin.  I’m just saying.  Too Soon?

Ok, so, who am I voting for?  Come on concentrate….

Ok, got it!  Fuck, lost it….

Yeah.  I still don’t know.

Can you believe that shit?  I really do hate politics.  It has been back and forth in my brain.  I can’t decide if I want to go with McCain or Obama.  I feel like a fucking schizophrenic talking to the wall as if it was my cat when I try to think about this.  What?  God told me to do it.  I mean the wall, I mean my cat.  Fuck.  All this ranting is giving me a tumor I think.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll name it Pailin.


Fucking Politics

Right so, this last and final debate has me raising an eyebrow.  I’ll state right out of the gate, that before starting this blog I support neither major candidate and might as well hire Spock, you know, logical decisions with some emotion involved?  Is that so bad?  Ok, he is fictitious and I do jest.  It is me.

Both candidates seem to have this notion to go after each other, in a “whatever it takes” attitude, to win this election.  Based on a previous blog, words used during the convention, Obama bashed McCain more then the other way around.  It’s a fact.  McCain has responded, though, I do not agree, I still feel like neither of these people are really getting the big picture in regards to what is happening around us.  They seem to beat around on the same issues with some generosity, but not entirely, especially when it comes to dealing with an attack from the other person.  This is something that does not stop once elected.  Maybe I am a bit naive when it comes to politics, but I’d like to think I’ve I have lived a life in which I can understand what is happening around me without an accredited college advisor to tell me how it all works.  Being involved in the legal system, to some extent, allows me some leverage in these thoughts as well.  You’d think it would be really easy just based on that to align right along with Obama.  I don’t know what it is, but when Obama speaks I feel like he is trying to sell me a 3 wheeled car by telling me it has 4 wheels.  It’s just a feeling, though, I do think he is WAY more effective in speaking and will probably be more eligible to get head if elected.  I’m just saying.  Oh, too soon?

Even tonight, both candidates seem to show the same song and dance with all issues to plug an attack against the other.  Initially, I did not support Obama based on the feeling since he had seemingly done it the most.  Now, I feel as if McCain has been sucked right into it as well and now both dance around, and sing the same old song from years passed.  We are in a new era requiring radically new ideas and actions to change the way we do things.  Let me break it down:

Fact: John McCain is not George W. Bush.  I am sure a DNA test will confirm this, if required.

Fact: Obama and Osama are actually two different people.  See above for details.

Fact: There needs to be a poor, middle and upper class in order for our country to operate.  Please see Communism for further details.

Fact: Our country is actually fucked right now.

Fact: Pissing contests don’t impress me.

Fact: “You have died of dysentery.” is still in Oregon Trail.

Ok ok, sorry I’m really liking the idea of making lists on my blog.  Radical.  Now, when I say radical, I do not mean the traditional sense of the word as in severe sway to one direction in regards to belief.  I find way to much shit on the internet about which way I should or shouldn’t think.  Really? Come on now.  There does have to be some sort of medium, but decisions are going to be made on where this country is headed and the majority of the country does still believe that Christian religion is the driving force of their life.  Regardless, people, quit telling what others should do with their babies.

Damn, I feel a lot better throwing that out there.  Obama, I salute you there my friend.  McCain, I appreciate life as well, but some people can’t and won’t be able to provide for that child.  People don’t adopt babies, give it up or give people the ability to breed.

Science, it was brought up, we suck at it.  Duly noted.  Why? Because the average American kid is more concerned with pwning face in WoW or CoD4… while a kid overseas hacks WEP in record time.  How do we fix that?  heh, uh, Starcraft II… so we can battle the Koreans right and proper like!

Can I just say that if I here the word fundamental one more time? I am actually going to go bell tower on an ant hill outside?   I’m not sure what that means, but, I’ll laugh a little to myself.  Ok, before the CIA knocks on my door… I don’t even own a gun nor want a gun.  That goes for ‘the last 8 years’ as well. McCain, stop going after Obama… you started this without bickering and whining about your adversary. Anyway, yeah, these callers on CSPAN are fucking hilarious, what is this, YouTube?  I’d love a video feed of this shit…haha.  Ahhh, I should probably pony up and sound like a jackass in a podcast.  I might learn something about myself.

Mr. Senator Obama, Mr Senator McCain – Please, Please speak on something that is worth a damn to me and quit attacking each other… you talk AT each other a lot, but not to me.  At all.  Get it together or I’m voting for Spock.

Ah, Windows Live Writer

Nothing like being able to post a blog from the remote comfort of my machine without the need to even open a web browser.  Though, WYSIWIG’s have come a long way, it is certainly no replacement for typing something up locally.  Windows Live Writer really isn’t something that is new, I still wanted to take a moment, if even to only remind myself, that this piece of software does have its uses when it comes to making attempts at writing blogs.  Ah, the days of hashing together HTML files and uploading them, adding a link and slapping a site together truly are gone.  I’m sure there are other tools to be used when it comes to blogging, something open source and multi-platform, but this piece appears to do it for me.  Just the same, I dig it.

I don’t type much anymore, mainly due to boredom with it and lack of visitors here.  I find that most head to an anti-social networking site and expect others to do the same if they want to keep in touch.  People are lazy, its a fact, we build tools to make things easier.  Tools of the newer generations, and I’m not talking about pocketbook padded frat kids, really has become the intarweb.  It really does amaze me how much growth has occurred when it comes to this tool.  I don’t think most realize how different things are now a days, or maybe it just isn’t something that is voiced anymore.  The most obvious irony being how I decided to just say that.

Ah well, just the same.  Life goes on.  Friends become more and more distant and I get older.  These are all the things that our folks told us when attempting to teach the classic fact of, “Don’t try to grow up to fast.”  It is in complete and plain sight now what they were trying to say at the time.  Paying bills, working day in and out, talks of $700 billion dollar government bailouts, etcetera etcetera.  I’m not sure where I’m going with that, just speaking my mind.

$700 billion dollars.  I’ve heard terms such as, “Only 5% of the problem” or “Only solves 1 out of the 4 problems” in regards to the economy.  My almost immediate reaction is, “Jesus, what the fuck would I do with $700 billion dollars?  How can they even expect the average American or shit, even Earthian to comprehend how much money that really is?”  Unbelievable.  First order of business for our government, talk about how we should go about this.  Are you kidding me?  How would you even begin to start a discussion about that?  All in a days work I suppose when you manage a couple hundred million people.

Fuck.  Count me out.  Or rather, just sign the check over to me, I’ll figure out what to do with it.  Hmmm, maybe a 10 step process would help.

Step 1:

Hire a lawyer.  Without legal representation, there wouldn’t be much left of that $700 bil.

Step 2:

Call my mom and dad.  Hey, can you blame me?  I don’t think they’ve ever been to Hawaii.

Step 3:

Buy a jet.  Well?  There are going to be a lot of conversations I need to have face to face.

Step 4:

Buy stock in the company that made the jet.  Sorry, might as well make sure it stays a float since I’ll be cruising around in the thing.

Step 5:

Begin looking into credible AIDS and Cancer research centers to invest in.  Tired of that bullshit, we need a cure.

Step 6:

Call Bill Gates.  “Let’s do lunch and talk about shoes.  Fuck Seinfeld, he was only funny in the 90s anyway.”

Step 7:

Call Speilberg.  “Dude, you make really fucking cool shit.  How can I help.”

Step 8:

Buy Lithuania.  Why?  Cause its fucking small.  Like Rhode Island, but cooler.  Literally.

Step 9:

Work on raising the ocean levels to drown out the man made islands in Dubai.  Really?  People bought in on that shit?  It’s in the fucking desert you re-re’s!

Step 10:

Buy a golden gun with golden bullets.  It really is too much money, I’d have to kill myself.

Wow, I think I have fully derailed any previous train of thought.  How did I even think it would be ok to put this on the intarweb?  “Self improvement is masturbation. Now self destruction…” – Fight Club.  is definitely the intarweb.  Just sayin..ok, I think I’ll be done with rambling and babbling on and on for now.  Hope you enjoyed your stay, but you probably didn’t.


And the results are in!

It could possibly get more classic then this.  Very, very amusing that someone would go through and word count speeches.  Check this post out from the NYT….

…and yes, it was done.  Completely hilarious.  Well, at least they aren’t going after a 17 yr old girl… like SHE didn’t have enough to deal with as is… way to go!