Windows 7 RTM and Family Pack!


Kevin Rose had a big complaint about Windows on Diggnation awhile back, about how many selections there are with Windows and how Apple basically gives everyone everything, then you can opt to not install more.  I agree with this quite a bit, over the years, the Windows OS has become more and more complicated for seemingly no reason at all.  This doesn’t mean I am an Apple fanboy by any stretch, in fact, I despise them much like Sony in their similar practices.  Anyway, since it is Microsoft, they feel very little need to include an explanation for this and not sure I really blame them.

I am not really THAT excited about this, since it is already my main OS across the board(sorry Ubuntu!) with the RC but, still is nice since the rest of the world – primarily the non-platform video game industry, can now officially support this with games!  Though, I’ve not really seen a game not run on it well.

We’ll see how true that holds in the RTM.


Google Chrome OS?

Both posts are from a single source, but here they are to bring you up to speed if you don’t know what it all is.

5 hours later…

Really? Nope. Nope. Possibly. Nope.  And, Nope.  Just as David Coursey is allowed an opinion, here goes an attempt at mine.

1. Netbooks will be the world quicker then we will think.  As mobile data increases in demand, so will the devices that deliver it.  Though, it may not be in the tradition that we see today, but we will see either a more powerful cell phone or ‘netbook’ in the near future that will blow our minds in what we can do from our finger tips.  Mainly the idea hit the shelf provided by Intel(for the most part) based on existing tech.  Nvidia and other companies haven’t even had time to plan into this at all.  Once they inject their hardware into the mix, we will see some serious power from these devices.  Accountability won’t be measured from behind a desk but from whether you’re actually out there effecting your business and the data will be available at the finger-tips. All of it. I’m getting a bit evangelical here and conclude my rebuttal on your first item here.

2. Whether the OS is free or not doesn’t seem to be a valid point then, if both can offer for free, then how is it even a failing point on Google’s part?  Brand recognition is mainly their fuel and they weigh in MUCH heavier then Linux would by itself, IF they go that route.  Notice this isn’t gOS, this is ChromeOS.

3. Eh, true Google Docs would take some serious overhauling, but with integration into say OpenOffice.  This could create a bridge between hardcore documentation and lightweight playtime with them.  Hell, they could come up with something new?  Wouldn’t be the first time.

4. What? Just as the Palm Pre is built on the idea of real time feeds, I don’t see where Google Chrome would not be able to function in this lightweight environment from a netbook side.

5. Ok, now I know you are a pretend techie nerd guy.  WTF???  There is a means to an end to get anything working for cross platform support, whether is be creating a virtual environment within VMWare on Windows to host a MAC OS X box, or VMWare Fusion for Apple.  Linux does not fall short in the ability to create these same environments, Wine, VirtualBox, etc.  Hell, stop the war, include MS Office in it!

I think that the simple idea of “Googling” could be enough brand recognition and allow folks another solid option other then Ubuntu as a platform to conduct day to day business.  The average user doesn’t care what powers the device, it could be a fucking squirrel on a wheel inside the iPhone, they don’t care.  Ah, a fruitless conversation I think.  Too much is what if at this point and no one can draw a solid conclusion anyway.  I will not rule anyone out at this point because it is a cut throat market and new players coming in do have a chance to take out anyone else in this radical environment.  Which that being said, sadly this nimrod, could be right.


Windows 7 RC and Netflix

So, I love Netflix.  It’s been the long answer we all have been waiting for to get away from the evil Blockbuster empire. It does kill of local movie retal places, but oh well, sometimes times change and new is actually better.  Anyway, so, onto the point.  Windows 7 RC and Media Player 12.  One big thing I love to use Netflix with is their view it now or watch instantly section of their site.  Quick movie right then and there.  I discovered tonight that you cannot do so innately from within Windows 7.  I found a bunch of crap that told me to install firefox, run ietabs, etc etc etc.  No reason to at all.  Just simply tell netflix you want to use silverlight to view movies from the link below and all is well.

Once enabled, you should have no issues watching movies instantly!  I thought I might as well blog this, since I do really enjoy the new Windows 7.  Hope this helps you all do the same!


Windows 7 RC


I’d reference the O face guy from Office Space when it comes to this launch, but I am not quite that douchey.  So, Windows 7 RC released to the technet subscribers today.  Well, the ones who dish them money anyway.  Beats trying to phish through bad torrents for the REAL SLIM SHADY!  Woohoo!  So, it has taken me the greater then the part of the day to download both flavors of the OS.  Meaning, x64 and x86.  I guess this 10/100 connection to the internet just isn’t cutting it anymore!

Well, in 32 minutes, I will have x64. And will be installing it.  God help us all… Alright well, this is me, signing off of Win7 Beta and I will update you all from Windows 7 RC with first impressions, including installation and performance.  Ooooooo Left 4 Dead…. I smell zombies.

UPDATE(5/6/09): Alright, well it has taken me much longer then expected to get this blog updated with results on my upgrades to the new Windows 7 RC.  Literally, so far, the only problem I’ve run into is NOT being able to upgrade from the Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC.  It seems like most of the slight graphical glitches and other random ass shit that was broken in beta, now appears to be fixed in Windows 7.  I’m still seeing hand over fist improvements to frame rates in survival mode, though, there is an odd issue with Left 4 Dead, where Windows appears to be creating a separate thread to do audio, but keeps setting the volume REALLY low.  How the fuck am I suppose to hear zombies heads explode with it that low?  I have not looked further into fixing this, a slight annoyance in my humble opinion.  So, any on lookers that are thinking of upgrading their Dell Studio XPS 13 or Dell Latitude D820 to Windows 7 RC can rest assured, it will work wonderfully.  Sorry Linux, I was about ready to run you as my main OS again, looks like you’ve been taken over by my need for entertainment once again.

Windows 7 Beta 1

I’d like a moment to thank the Dorkinesian that created this theme I am now using.  It’s bloated, takes forever to load, but damnit, it’s fun.  And I am all about fun.

So, if you are on dial-up, upgrade!

Speaking of upgrading, Windows 7 is released.

Ok, so, that really is news but, I have it installed and have been using this as my primary OS now for a few days.  I have to say, the Windows 7 Beta 1 32bit appears to be hands down the best OS thus far.  It’s shiny, it flows well, it appears to be a lot more intuitive then previous versions of the OS and to boot… it RUNS WELL!  Ok, so it is a Beta and it can be quirky at times, but overall – right out of the gate, everything Vista compatible appears to be also Windows 7 compatible.  This will be nice when upgrade paths are talked about for those who have adopted Vista.  Those that haven’t, well, you’re retarded anyway and should go learn Ubuntu or something.

I know it seems perpsterous as to how a Beta OS can run better then an RTM’d OS can, but I am seeing about double the frame rates on my laptop in WoW and in application swapping.  Very key considering the OS is suppose to be used to multi-task.

2 big changes to me that I can see are actually, fairly low key to the more avid power users out there.  I really dig the fact that I can view any window, and any tab(within Intarweb Exploder) from anywhere in the OS by mousing over the icon and over various panes I have open.  Talk about sexy.  This doesn’t work from within Firefox, so it most likely doesn’t work natively and will have to be included in the Windows ports of applications.  I can’t foresee that breaking anything?  Never!  haha… ahh… yes.  The second noteably cool feature is the wifi network connectivity.  This, among other issues, has been one that has PLAGUED the Microsoft Windows operating system since, well, since wifi!  Even the third party software vendors provide complete shit.  Though, most of us have gotten used to these shitty ass piece of software over time.  Basically, you click on the network icon in task tray and you get an immediate, up-to-date list of networks around you.  Then, click on the network, and… omfg, what?  Now pop-up window??  Ok, cool, very cool… click on Automatically Connect if you like, and click connect.  Previous ways of handling wifi has never been this easy.

Sadly, I know what to expect from Microsoft though.  They have a tendancy to show us some really kick ass stuff you can do with UIs and then remove them right prior to release due to violations of agreement and yada yada yada… for fucks sake, I can see why people use open source.

Downside is they still appear to be using NTFS.  No new WinFS, or any other type of data management.  Just, crappy, old, degraded, pussing NTFS.

Eh, if your computer is pussing, take a picture or it didn’t happen.  Guarenteed to be dugg!  Anyway, if you get the chance to check out Windows 7 Beta 1, the link is up top and well worth the trip.  I did VM this as a test first in which I didn’t get the full aspect in a non-3d environment.


Microsoft Fonts in Ubuntu

It’s an old post, but very effective and still useful.

Basically, enable the universe repository from within Ubuntu(refer to forums if you need help with this).

Open terminal.

Run the below:

sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

This should allow you to install that package.  At the end of this, it looks like it clears the font cache for you, it does not, or doesn’t do this correctly – so, you must run the below:

sudo fc-cache -fv

And your done!  Yay – pretty fonts!

If it doesn’t make sense, or you have issues pulling this also refer to the link I’ve provided above.  There are many blogs, within that thread, that will provide you with more data on how to go about doing this.


Zune and Peripherals

Alright. I know, peripherals is a big word.  Thank you Websters.

I’d given up on my crusade against being able to play songs on my device while it is plugged into my machine.  I store my music there for a reason, so I can listen to it.  I don’t want to sync it to the machine I happen to be on at the time.  Do I mind installing the Zune software on every machine I sit at?


I love the Zune software!  It is well beyond that iTunes in its third iteration of it, and half the fucking size!  Why would I care about installing it?

Right, ok.

@gusadelic, my roommate, had purchased the V1 A/V Zune Dock for cheap, and the remote wasn’t working.  So I started looking things up about the Zune 80GB and whether there was incompatibility with the V1 Dock.  It isn’t, but in my adventure across the intarweb, I ran across something that sent me over the fucking top.

In random comment thread off of a blog, they were looking at the sync cable used to power the device on the V1 Dock as being an issue.  Someone asked if they had an xbox, and whether it worked when they plugged it into this?


Wait a moment, that’s pretty fucking sweet.  I can sync music from my Zune/Zune Pass and play it?  Why not just do that?  I do have space issues on the xbox, but shit, syncing music to device to play? Fucking sweet.

Being a geek, I tested this.  What I found made me want to go ooooOwah-ah-ah(Stupify) on the planet.

What happened to Earth? Flux killed it.

He’s good at that. Yeah, fucking bastard.

YOU CAN PLAY SONGS DIRECTLY OFF OF THE DEVICE ON YOUR XBOX!!!  I know, I know.  Dude, you could have said that at the top of the blog.  Fuck you, I am pissed.  Here I thought it was a licensing thing, etc, etc, etc.  I’d made a hundred and one excuses for this.  You make the console, the device and the OS. MAKE THIS WORK IN WINDOWS ZUNE TEAM!!!  This has been something from Day 1 that you can do with an iPod and extremely frustrating that songs are not allowed to play directly off of the device, on the machine.  So, so, so fucking broken.  Also, the purchased video does not appear to play at all via the device to TV from the xbox either.

Bull – fucking – shit.

This is definitely a problem for me, obviously, but I do not see the point to have all my music stored in three places.  Why do I have it in three places?  Simple.  I have my main library, a backup and everything on the Zune.  I wouldn’t have to keep a main library if I could just play the damn music right off the device.  Anyway, this is bullshit.


WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7

Alrighty.  Well, it does appear as if the new revision of WordPress has released.  Might have been awhile ago, but I’ve been neglecting this site for awhile now.  So, without further ado!

Initial look and feel of the new Dashboard is pretty damn sexy.  I mean, not as sexy as my girlfriend or some of the FHM or Maxim girls, but definitely intarweb sexy.  I am already liking the feel of it.  Layout is clean, dynamic and easy.

As I’ve stated many times, these are pretty much key factors when looking at what I use that are a must have.  Granted, I work in IT, but that doesn’t mean I want to use that knowledge when attempting to post simple text, images and video to the internet.  This update makes that process cleaner and smoother.  On mouse-over, approve/unapprove comment selection right from the main page, awesome.  Yes.  Yes, I think this will do just fine.

Overall, the software has really become… what’s that descriptive word I’m looking for?  Polished.  Definitely more polished then other revisions.  I did take a look at what was being asked of the users in a poll to see where this was all headed and I can happily say, without participating, well done!

Anyway, I’m off like a prom dress on prom night.


Firefox About:Config

Holy shit sticks intarweb!

That is supposed to be a play on ‘Holy rusted metal Batman!’

I know, I suck at humor. Keep reading and enjoy.

So!  Firefox.  I’ve grown to really enjoy this browser over time, but there are more and more things about it that increase this as time goes on.  Seems to be a generally quicker browser then most, loads pages correctly, and now I can customize the backend without even thinking of it.

I’ve done some of my own, but rather then try and explain it, I’ll include this post I’ve found that gives a pretty good breakdown on what can be changed:

Also, here is another set of them that seemed decent.  Few over-laps, but still another good list:

Ok!  Fine.  Go fuck yourself, here is a full and complete list you anal-retentive, power hungry, good for nothing, intarweb whores!

So, yes, I’d include Internet Explorer here as well, but it violates the EULA?  Nah, I’m just not to big a fan on registry hacks anymore.  If its a ‘feature’ then I like to be able to access that by making a change from within the program.  Hats off to Mozilla for making that possible.  Plus, keeping IE intact is a great way to have a fallback browser to flame me about how you jacked your shit up.


Really though, I did find the browser.http request changes to speed site loading significantly on some sites and recommend that people at least check that part of it out.  I’ve not seen if this is multi-platform, but I have no reason to believe they would remove this from the browser in another OS.

That’s all for now.


Zune 3.1

Ok, I think I just pooped myself.

*checks underwear*

Yep.  Slimey stinkies in the drawers.  Woot.  Initially, I was sheerly amazed that new games are coming out for the device, for free.  Cheesey games, Checkers, Sudoku and Space Battle.  Still, they are free.  I am ok with free.  Not only are they releasing games for this thing, who cares, right?  They now give you 10 free, DRM free songs PER MONTH!

Ok, so, let me get this straight.  You give me the ability to access/download most music for free usage on the monthly cost.  Pretty cool, but now, I can OWN 10 songs per month?

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom.

What’s that?  A lolcats reference?  Nope.  Me trying to chew on my shoulder and drooling a bit as well.  Wow, just wow.  I think I actually have to take a moment now.

*takes a moment*


Ok.  Thank you Microsoft for actually giving me another reason to not want to reach and slap you.

Oh, and thank you Dane for the black ops intelligence on that shit.  I’m gonna go clean my poo up now.