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Big fan of this game and while this is documented elsewhere I wanted to have just the core values of what can be mined without the fluff from other sites.

Carbon (Common)
Base value: 6.9

Thamium9 (Uncommon)
Base value: 20.6

Plutonium (Rare)
Base value: 41.3

Iron (Common)
Base value: 13.8

Zinc (Uncommon)
Base value: 41.3

Titanium (Rare)
Base value: 61.9

Heridium (Common)
Base value: 27.5

Platinum (Uncommon)
Base value: 55

Chrysonite (Rare)
Base value: 82.5

Copper (Uncommon)
Base value: 110

Iridium (Uncommon)
Base value: 96.3

Nickel (Uncommon)
Base value: 137.5

Aluminum (Rare)
Base value: 165

Gold (Rare)
Base value: 220

Emeril (Rare)
Base value: 275

Calium (Very Rare)
Base value: 288.8

Radnox (Very Rare)
Base value: 302.5

Murrine (Very Rare)
Base value: 302.5

Omegon (Very Rare)
Base value: 309.4

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I posted this on Reddit, but I figured it deserved an entry to the blog as well. Here it is:

I wanted to say Adblock here, but since it isn’t a specific way to get adblock on the browser yet. I am here to offer an additional solution that I’m finding to be suitable for the time being.

It dawned on me that the hosts file could be used to block unwanted sites from displaying content by setting hosts to in the hosts file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc . It turns out I’m not alone in this. This site here provides an updated text file that can replace your hosts file.

I’m not affiliated with them in any way, more of just sharing my journey to block ads – a crucial reason I wasn’t using Microsoft Edge.

Here is the direct link to the txt file itself:

As always, hope this helps.