Avian Flu

Now… my big question is there a mammary flu and would it be equally fascinating as avian flu… probably not. Enjoy!

Obama or Woods?

Either way, it is definitely a sight! Peace.

The Sky Is Pretty

So often, we don’t look up to the sky and just stare at its beauty…. …it might be because this isn’t what we see everyday! Peace.


I’d love to QA that! Peace.

New Haircut

Though, I sometimes feel like Rain Man when a pair crosses my path, I am definitely far from as bad as My New Haircut kid here. Don’t feed the animals. Window lickers need love too. Enjoy. Peace.

Mmm, tryptophan…

Nope, for sleepy-time I have no need for pillows with those.

Safety First!

It is that time again, where I post another image that cracks me up and yes, of course, involves breasts… Enjoy! Peace.


Yes, sometimes you actually have to feel to know! Love it. Peace.


I will conquer the world with these pomegranates! If that doesn’t motivate, I do not know what will. Peace.

Uh, Yes, Red looks great on you!

Sometimes, demotivational posters have their place in the world. Mmm… boobies. What?  I’m a guy! Haha… and no, you can’t motorboat a personality. Peace.