Click Fix

Why yes, yes of course 317 clicks fix the problem. If not, click 317 more. Peace.

The Finger

Haha, yeah, oops! Though this wasn’t me… 🙂 Peace.

Internet Explorer

I remember this! Peace.

Now I Get It!


‘Cause really, nothing says “Gangsta” like 3.5″ Floppy Disks Peace.


No, really, I had one and loved it… but, I’d never gotten a tattoo of the symbol. Fail.

What DID happen to Kirby??

Been a bit since a Fail Monday and I REALLY don’t think I want to know what happened to Kirby! Peace.

A Little To The Left…


Fail at Fail

Yes, I completely spaced maticulously hunting down an image to share on this rather epically fail of a day… …it will be back next Monday! Peace.

Beer Before Liquor

…never been sicker! Yeesh, poor jaded gals. Peace.