…though, I’m sure he knew he was playing it.

….but I REALLY gotta go!

*plop* Yeah this picture makes me raise a brow and say … what … the … fuck ? Peace.

I’m Leaving On A….

….Sail Boat!  I don’t know when I’ll… uh, wait, that isn’t how it goes. Yes, I know this. I also know, that the boat below is not mine! Welcome to Fail Mondays. Peace.

Congratulations Microsoft!

It’s been a bit, why not kick things off again with a rant! Official Post. I was wondering what had happened last night, as Bing is my default search on my Dell Inspiron 10v netbook.  In the middle of working on something, non-critical, the usual ‘hey, let me look that part up!’ occurred, to which […]