Microsoft Edge – How to Block Ads

I posted this on Reddit, but I figured it deserved an entry to the blog as well. Here it is:

I wanted to say Adblock here, but since it isn’t a specific way to get adblock on the browser yet. I am here to offer an additional solution that I’m finding to be suitable for the time being.

It dawned on me that the hosts file could be used to block unwanted sites from displaying content by setting hosts to in the hosts file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc . It turns out I’m not alone in this. This site here provides an updated text file that can replace your hosts file.

I’m not affiliated with them in any way, more of just sharing my journey to block ads – a crucial reason I wasn’t using Microsoft Edge.

Here is the direct link to the txt file itself:

As always, hope this helps.


IIS 7 Logging

This morning I found a nice little command line switch that tells the IIS 7 log buffer to write to the file on disk.  This is especially handy, since getting a log to write for SEO and log processing purposes can be a serious bitch if you don’t have a file written to!

Here is that command:

netsh http flush logbuffer

Other commands associated with the HTTP portion of netsh are all documented on MSDN Technet here, Comes in pretty damn handy with IIS 7 and Windows Server 2008.

Good luck.

Congratulations Microsoft!

It’s been a bit, why not kick things off again with a rant!

Official Post.

I was wondering what had happened last night, as Bing is my default search on my Dell Inspiron 10v netbook.  In the middle of working on something, non-critical, the usual ‘hey, let me look that part up!’ occurred, to which I received a 500 error. For the non-tech reading this, 500 error is usually what shows up when the server can’t process the request you fired off to it. After a few twitch F5(refresh) taps, I was laughing pretty good and just used Google in the meantime.

The part that isn’t so amusing to me, is that they are missing about 15-30 minutes of outage time in the report given above, as a guess, they probably found out about this at 8:30PM Arizona time, but in all reality, errors started occurring much much sooner.


BBC Stated, “Not all aspects of the Bing service were knocked out by the configuration change. Many reported that Bing Maps was still available.”

Wow! That’s so great! Maps was working! …. ….. ….. …..

THE MAIN REASON YOUR SITE EXISTS WAS DOWN, but hey! Bing Maps was working!

@Bing: why?  You were doing so well. From the semi-clever ‘decision engine’ campaign to everyone was making fun of you, I really saw this as a new opportunity for you to reinvent your appeal to the public in software services. Now, now everything everyone was making fun of you about is actually true, again.

… …. ….. …. …. …..

Alright, alright. Truly, most of the above is complete sarcasm. I find it amusing how quickly people love to bash the shit out of Microsoft at any chance they can get. Nevermind it being the main source of  how most get to these places. Oh wait, people bash that too. Doesn’t get old after over 10 years of doing it? I swear, I think people have just gotten used to doing it and reading it. Notice how everyone mentions Google at some point or another in their posts, but how quickly everyone forgot that it too just went down earlier this year.

Back off, give them a fucking break considering it was an hour without your precious Bing and an hour without your precious Google, respectively. Oh wait, no one complained about Google. Tenure you say? Hmmm, pretty sure Microsoft/MSN/Live/Bing has been around a metric-fuckton longer then Google. But Google does do a lot of things very right. It is a pickle.


Windows 7 RC and Netflix

So, I love Netflix.  It’s been the long answer we all have been waiting for to get away from the evil Blockbuster empire. It does kill of local movie retal places, but oh well, sometimes times change and new is actually better.  Anyway, so, onto the point.  Windows 7 RC and Media Player 12.  One big thing I love to use Netflix with is their view it now or watch instantly section of their site.  Quick movie right then and there.  I discovered tonight that you cannot do so innately from within Windows 7.  I found a bunch of crap that told me to install firefox, run ietabs, etc etc etc.  No reason to at all.  Just simply tell netflix you want to use silverlight to view movies from the link below and all is well.

Once enabled, you should have no issues watching movies instantly!  I thought I might as well blog this, since I do really enjoy the new Windows 7.  Hope this helps you all do the same!


Windows 7 RC


I’d reference the O face guy from Office Space when it comes to this launch, but I am not quite that douchey.  So, Windows 7 RC released to the technet subscribers today.  Well, the ones who dish them money anyway.  Beats trying to phish through bad torrents for the REAL SLIM SHADY!  Woohoo!  So, it has taken me the greater then the part of the day to download both flavors of the OS.  Meaning, x64 and x86.  I guess this 10/100 connection to the internet just isn’t cutting it anymore!

Well, in 32 minutes, I will have x64. And will be installing it.  God help us all… Alright well, this is me, signing off of Win7 Beta and I will update you all from Windows 7 RC with first impressions, including installation and performance.  Ooooooo Left 4 Dead…. I smell zombies.

UPDATE(5/6/09): Alright, well it has taken me much longer then expected to get this blog updated with results on my upgrades to the new Windows 7 RC.  Literally, so far, the only problem I’ve run into is NOT being able to upgrade from the Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC.  It seems like most of the slight graphical glitches and other random ass shit that was broken in beta, now appears to be fixed in Windows 7.  I’m still seeing hand over fist improvements to frame rates in survival mode, though, there is an odd issue with Left 4 Dead, where Windows appears to be creating a separate thread to do audio, but keeps setting the volume REALLY low.  How the fuck am I suppose to hear zombies heads explode with it that low?  I have not looked further into fixing this, a slight annoyance in my humble opinion.  So, any on lookers that are thinking of upgrading their Dell Studio XPS 13 or Dell Latitude D820 to Windows 7 RC can rest assured, it will work wonderfully.  Sorry Linux, I was about ready to run you as my main OS again, looks like you’ve been taken over by my need for entertainment once again.

Windows 7 Beta 1

I’d like a moment to thank the Dorkinesian that created this theme I am now using.  It’s bloated, takes forever to load, but damnit, it’s fun.  And I am all about fun.

So, if you are on dial-up, upgrade!

Speaking of upgrading, Windows 7 is released.

Ok, so, that really is news but, I have it installed and have been using this as my primary OS now for a few days.  I have to say, the Windows 7 Beta 1 32bit appears to be hands down the best OS thus far.  It’s shiny, it flows well, it appears to be a lot more intuitive then previous versions of the OS and to boot… it RUNS WELL!  Ok, so it is a Beta and it can be quirky at times, but overall – right out of the gate, everything Vista compatible appears to be also Windows 7 compatible.  This will be nice when upgrade paths are talked about for those who have adopted Vista.  Those that haven’t, well, you’re retarded anyway and should go learn Ubuntu or something.

I know it seems perpsterous as to how a Beta OS can run better then an RTM’d OS can, but I am seeing about double the frame rates on my laptop in WoW and in application swapping.  Very key considering the OS is suppose to be used to multi-task.

2 big changes to me that I can see are actually, fairly low key to the more avid power users out there.  I really dig the fact that I can view any window, and any tab(within Intarweb Exploder) from anywhere in the OS by mousing over the icon and over various panes I have open.  Talk about sexy.  This doesn’t work from within Firefox, so it most likely doesn’t work natively and will have to be included in the Windows ports of applications.  I can’t foresee that breaking anything?  Never!  haha… ahh… yes.  The second noteably cool feature is the wifi network connectivity.  This, among other issues, has been one that has PLAGUED the Microsoft Windows operating system since, well, since wifi!  Even the third party software vendors provide complete shit.  Though, most of us have gotten used to these shitty ass piece of software over time.  Basically, you click on the network icon in task tray and you get an immediate, up-to-date list of networks around you.  Then, click on the network, and… omfg, what?  Now pop-up window??  Ok, cool, very cool… click on Automatically Connect if you like, and click connect.  Previous ways of handling wifi has never been this easy.

Sadly, I know what to expect from Microsoft though.  They have a tendancy to show us some really kick ass stuff you can do with UIs and then remove them right prior to release due to violations of agreement and yada yada yada… for fucks sake, I can see why people use open source.

Downside is they still appear to be using NTFS.  No new WinFS, or any other type of data management.  Just, crappy, old, degraded, pussing NTFS.

Eh, if your computer is pussing, take a picture or it didn’t happen.  Guarenteed to be dugg!  Anyway, if you get the chance to check out Windows 7 Beta 1, the link is up top and well worth the trip.  I did VM this as a test first in which I didn’t get the full aspect in a non-3d environment.