General Technology

Ads In Skype

Hey all. While I am not an active user of Skype, one thing that has always somewhat bothered me about it’s recent use is advertisements in the application itself. While ads in general don’t really bother me, but when it impacts an experience or you hate ads and you just simply want them gone – here is a way to do that.

In Control Panel, head to Internet Options, Security tab. Click Restricted Sites and add . This will block the ads from the application, but will leave a placeholder there in place. To remove this, head to file explorer and browse to C:\users\youruser\AppData\Roaming\Skype\yourskypeuser\config.xml . Open this in a text editor, find the line AdvertPlaceholder>1</AdvertPlaceholder> and delete it!

This is how you block ads in Skype and remove the placeholder for it as well!