WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7

Alrighty.  Well, it does appear as if the new revision of WordPress has released.  Might have been awhile ago, but I’ve been neglecting this site for awhile now.  So, without further ado!

Initial look and feel of the new Dashboard is pretty damn sexy.  I mean, not as sexy as my girlfriend or some of the FHM or Maxim girls, but definitely intarweb sexy.  I am already liking the feel of it.  Layout is clean, dynamic and easy.

As I’ve stated many times, these are pretty much key factors when looking at what I use that are a must have.  Granted, I work in IT, but that doesn’t mean I want to use that knowledge when attempting to post simple text, images and video to the internet.  This update makes that process cleaner and smoother.  On mouse-over, approve/unapprove comment selection right from the main page, awesome.  Yes.  Yes, I think this will do just fine.

Overall, the software has really become… what’s that descriptive word I’m looking for?  Polished.  Definitely more polished then other revisions.  I did take a look at what was being asked of the users in a poll to see where this was all headed and I can happily say, without participating, well done!

Anyway, I’m off like a prom dress on prom night.


Twitter For Your Blog

A very common theme out there at the moment.  Getting Twitter to look correctly on your blog.  It would seem to me, that a web/time based application, should be relatively easy to port over to any blog to show updates directly there.  I’ve been spinning my wheels over this for awhile now.  Well, I am happy to welcome my own retardation now.  It is very, very simple.  So simple, Midnight can do it!  Ok, not really.  Haha, but darn it I sure had ya on that one.  At this point, most people have now left my website thinking, ‘damn that fucker for posting something to his blog to get indexed.’  Deal with it.  I’m passing information on here, I can do so however I please.

Right then.

*coughs and clears throat*

Step 1:   Open your browser.

Step 2:   Head on over to http://twitter.com/badges

Step 3:   Follow the on screen instructions, of your blog is supported, you are Golden!

Ok, now if your blog isn’t supported.  Not to worry.  It gets easier.  They give you a simple output based on a range, 3 tweets, 5 tweets, however many updates you want to show.  Then you take that code and slap it into your site.  easy right?  Well, sort of.  I wanted to make something with my Twitter data that didn’t comprise of a widget that looked like it came from Web –2.0.  Yes, that is a negative there.  Don’t ask, it was a very messy intarweb at the time.  Also, if I could, I wanted to find someone how to tell me to do so, in WordPress.  An unsupported format by Twitter.

*shakes fist @twitter*

Right, so the hunt began.  And, of course like always, I found something online that was a pretty decent tutorial on how to do just that!  Go figure?  So, in not reinventing the wheel, installing some stupid plugin or something else that may require blood, glass, urine and toenail clippings.  Finally, I was able to get my frakin tweets onto my blog!  Well shit me running!  Shat me running? That doesn’t really work.

It does still need some work, as the right border cuts off – simple image edit, but other then that, it looks fucking GREAT!

Oh right, ‘just give me the link already’.’  Fine, fine.


Fuckin people, I swear <insert ellipsis here>.  He does include other ways to add Twitter to WordPress and actually overall appears to be onto the idea of how to help others in ‘blinging’ their site up.  Fuck, if I ever get a local pingback from me saying bling on here, outside of those two time, please shoot me?

Ok, time to tend to my tumors and lesions.